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    I presume that both of these monitors are roughly the same as they can be hardware calibrated and both of them support Adobe RGB?
    Would you favor one over the other.
    I have no interest in gaming but which ever I may decide to purchase would be for Photography / Video usage.
    I thing the BENQ is about £100 dearer and they would both have 3 year warranty I believe.
    I don’t think there is a review for the BENQ on this site


    I’m afraid I only have experience with the Dell UP2716D, but not the BenQ SW2700PT. So I can’t really answer the question in a technical way. As covered in the review of the Dell, the emulation modes (including Adobe RGB) were nicely set up on the whole. So I wouldn’t really expect significant improvements in terms of colour accuracy from the BenQ. But the BenQ does support hardware calibration which can certainly be a nice feature to take advantage of, assuming you have a colorimeter?

    Having used similar BenQ models, I’d give it a slight edge in build quality, although that’s largely subjective. I didn’t find the Dell poor in that respect, there’s just something quite solid about that style of BenQ monitor. You also get the OSD remote and a calibration hood to help reduce glare (although proper control of lighting is always advised regardless). Hardly essential features, but nice additions depending on your perspective.


    Any further help needed here?


    The BenQ looks like a nice model on paper and the price point is not to bad for what you are getting, some reviews just say that it is a bit of a hit and miss with panel uniformity. So I have have to think about it before I make make a decision, I presume that I could always send it back if I felt that it was either worse than the Dell u2515h that I have.


    Any monitor is hit and miss when it comes to panel uniformity, without exception. Even much higher end models than this can have issues and that’s why users who value that aspect seek out models with effective digital uniformity compensation. This comes at a loss of contrast so it’s not ideal by any means and some models implement the feature rather badly. In some cases there is even inter-unit variation when it comes to how well the uniformity compensation works (even if you hardware calibrate it using your own colorimeter). So it’s a bit of a minefield, the BenQ is not alone in that.

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