Are curved monitors only really worth it for the Ultra wide monitors ?

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    Is it worth creating a custom resolution with 72Hz over 60Hz ? Will all my PC games automatically support 72Hz without any hassles ?
    Cause if I have to start tinkering and editing my games for it to work with a 72Hz I probably won’t do it then. Thanks


    Yes it makes a difference. Slight but to some enjoyable increase in ‘connected feel’ and decrease in perceived blur, provided your frame rate is suitably high. And generally, it just becomes a listed resolution for games. If you want you can enforce it as a the native refresh rate using CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) as covered here to make sure games always use it, but it’s up to you.


    Seriously my last two questions, LOL Love this forum.

    There are games that are capped at 60Hz I heard about. So what happens then if my monitor is set at 72Hz but a game is capped at 60Hz ? In these particular circumstances do I have to adjust the monitor refresh rate back to 60Hz for that particular game or do I keep it at 72Hz and just play the game at 60Hz I don’t understand that part, wouldn’t that cause problems ?

    By the way this is a nice monitor 27″ inch 1080p but the PPI seems a little low. I’ll give it a couple of weeks and maybe I’ll return it and get the ch711. Would all the settings I use for this monitor all carry over to ch711 would it be pretty much the same exact settings in the OSD menu ?


    I’m not actually aware of any games that are capped at 60Hz. Are you and more importantly, do you actually play them? Think you’re worrying about nothing there. And usually a resolution and refresh rate is listed together and therefore you can select 1920 x 1080 @72Hz or @60Hz.

    The C27H711 is a completely different monitor, you can’t simply copy the settings you use on the CF591. In fact, as noted in the review, you can’t even do that when comparing different units of the same model. At least not with colour channels. You also may have to ‘put up with’ 60Hz with that model, but it doesn’t sound like that bothers you too much anyway.


    Yes I play PC games it’s my main platform, I’ve pretty much completely ditched console gaming. Your right worrying for nothing.

    What makes you think that the C27H11 is not as a good contender to be overclocked to 72Hz like the C27F59 ?


    Experience with 2560 x 1440 models. It could be an exception, but generally they can’t be set to 72 – 75Hz as easily as their Full HD counterparts. However, this model does feature FreeSync so it may well run at 72Hz no problem (as mentioned in the news piece).


    @ Subzero11,

    I’ve seen your post on OCN regarding issues with colour settings at 72Hz. It could well be a bandwidth issue as the monitor only uses HDMI 1.4. Therefore it would be advisable to try using DP instead.

    P.S. I appreciate your support with the donation as well.


    I returned the Samsung, it’s a good monitor. I just feel I like my current Benq GW2470 better. I can’t quite put the finger on it just feel Benq makes better monitors with a better OSD and I like how my Benq has buttons on the frame also text looks better too and with a more solid stand. One last thing contrast is still a tiny bit better on the Benq even though both are rated at a 3000-1. I’m not to crazy about the shiny mirror plastic white and the stand that the Samsung has. I also understand this is just personnel preference and opinion. I’m sticking with Benq from now on. In the future I may get the BenQ GW2760HL or the BenQ PD3200Q but that one just cost to much will see. I’d like if Benq would a plain 27″ QHD with a VA panel, I’ll keep a eye out and will continue to check this great website for it.


    Yeah, that’s fair enough really. I too would like to see a nice solid 27″ WQHD from BenQ, just like a higher resolution and larger version of the GW2470H. 🙂


    Guess what I bought for $375….PD3200Q used on eBay I’m really liking it. I did a factory reset on it through the OSD. I read the your BL3200PT review and lots of it still applies to this monitor I think. I set it to user then I set the brightness down to 40 and adjusted the saturation to 60 from 50 and everything looks great. I also set the monitor to FULL and also in the Nvidia panel center. I’ve not touched any thing else.

    I’m sitting about 2 1/2 feet from it. If you had this monitor how far would you sit from it approx ?

    Also in your BL3200PT review you said

    “Users should be aware that properly using ’10-bit colour’ on monitors which do support it requires a very specific software and hardware workflow which most will not be using, so in some respects 8-bit + FRC is more accessible anyway”

    The PD3200Q has a 10bit color bit panel by the way. Now do I need to worry about anything with what you said above ?




    Today I’ve been in front of it for about 5 hours playing BF and Doom and doing some web surfing. My eyes are strained right now so I reduced the brightness to 30 not sure if that will help any. Sitting about 2 1/2 feet from it give or take.

    So do you think by me reducing the brightness by another 10 increments from 40 to 30 will help or is 32″ too big at 2 1/2 feet away. When I was using my 24″ I would have no problems.



    The PD3200Q uses an 8-bit + FRC panel. It is still ’10-bit’.

    You will need to give your eyes longer than that to adapt. But lowering brightness could possibly help. As could using an LBL mode.




    Man I need to get this monitor to work right at 2-3 feet away, I can’t return it. Anyway at 30% brightness it kinda seems like it’s still too bright. In your review of the BL3200PT you had it set at 40%. I’m wondering if I set it any lower that I’m just making it up cause it’s too close and the brightness is actually fine at 30-40. You know what I mean like if it were at 3-4 away 30 or even 40% would probably be just fine.

    Would lowering it down any further below 30% maybe start degrad my picture quality ?


    That’s an absolutely fine viewing distance for that size of screen, as per the review it’s within the range I use such screens. I do say to set brightness according to preferences and lighting, so I don’t see why you’re even questioning whether you should lower brightness below 30%. Your eyes will likely adjust either way – if you find it too ‘bright’ then 30% is simply too high.

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