Are curved monitors only really worth it for the Ultra wide monitors ?

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    My criteria for a new monitor this time round is 16:9 27″ 1440p VA panel. I’ve been disappointed quite bit cause selection for I want is pretty much close to none. The only one is Samsung CH711. But it has a curved screen though and I’m probably paying a premium just for the curved screen which I didn’t really want or maybe I do want but I just don’t know it yet. I’m pretty disappointed in Benq/Samsung for not making plain standard 27″ QHD monitor yet.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. Are curved monitors in the 16:9 configuration just a fad, some say theirs no point and should be only for Ultra wide monitors, you would think if it were such a great feature you would see it in all the high end gaming 27″ monitors ? I’d hate to buy into a fad and in a couple years they would phase out cured screens in the 16:9 monitor configurations.

    2. I want to get the Samsung CH711 Series Curved 27-Inch QHD Monitor but why in the hell is there 14 of them in the used section at Amazon… I’ve looked at other monitors on Amazon and none of them have 14 used ones for sell, you might see a couple but not 14 of them. See for yourself. Is it possible people thought upgrading to a curve or were sold on the idea of a higher resolution and once they saw it and said to them self this high resolution ain’t worth $400 ?

    I’d like to buy Samsung CH711 Series Curved 27-Inch QHD Monitor right now if I could get some answers about my concerns.



    Whilst the curve is certainly most advantageous on particularly large screens, if it is sufficiently steep then it can still bring an advantage to a 27″ screen. The Samsung C27H711 has a 1800R curve, which is identical to that of the C27F591FD. So you can read about that aspect here.

    I can’t answer your second question, but I wouldn’t get paranoid about it. There could have been a packaging or batch issue which meant a certain number of monitors couldn’t be sold as new. I doubt it has an unusually high return rate. And monitors are subjective, so you should really take advantage of their excellent returns policy and see for yourself. Don’t let your imagination run too wild with speculation, it’s not healthy ;). I would very much welcome your feedback if you do go for the CH711. I’d really like to review that model myself, but Samsung here in the UK have just switched PR teams and everything is a bit chaotic with regards to monitor samples at the moment.


    My runner-up choice was the BenQ pd3200q for a $100 more. What do you think, which one do you like better and why ? I’d be using it mostly just for gaming at about two feet length maybe a few inches more for the 32″ not sure. Not sure if a 32″ would give me more immersion feeling then the 27″ like if it would be more fun to play games on. My online games like Battlefield 4 I play with a mouse and keyboard but everything else I play with the controller.


    I’ve used several monitors in the 27-32 range and I prefer the larger. In front of me I have a 32 and 28. Both are running at 1440p. I sit around 2.5 feet from the screen most of the time. On the 28″ the frame is in plain sight. On the 32″ if I focus on the screen, the frame fades slightly and while I am aware of it, it is not in sharp focus. I don’t game on either of these monitors. I currently game on a 30″ 16×10 (2560x`1600) screen that I am looking to replace with a 32″ 1440p (2560×1440) screen. I don’t want a 4k, too many pixels for the video card to push for what seems to my eyes to be fairly minor graphics gains. I don’t want a ultra-wide, because they are too short; I tried a 34″, and felt the screen was very short. A 38″ ultra wide might be ok, but I haven’t tried it. I think a 32″ would be at least as enjoyable. A 32″, when viewed from the distance I sit, is fairly immersive; the image goes in to my periphery but not so much I have to turn to bring it to full focus. The 27-28″ size and it is not very immersive for me. Also at 1440p on a screen smaller than 30″ and I sometimes have to lean in to read stuff. Having used larger screens, I don’t ever plan on buying another screen that is less than 30″

    With regards to the curve vs non-curved. I prefer a slight curve but I am fine with a flat screen up at 32″ or less, but would pick the curved screen if they were otherwise equal.

    I have some issues with the Samsung ch711 which kept me from buying one. The white frame was hard for me to ignore. Black ones seem to fade in to the background easier. The height of the monitor not being adjustable bothered me.


    Well if you ever play competitive games like Counter-Strike or Battlefield online and playing on a screen that’s too big and you got to move your head around then you’re just not going to be able to play your full potential. On my 24 inch I don’t need to move my head. But the screen feels kind of small and I don’t feel immersed in the game. I’d like to go as big as I can at about 2.5 feet away but still be competitive. I might just try the 27 inch and also order the 32 inch at the same time and then play with each one and then return one. I know what you’re saying it’s big is cool but unless you’ve played first person shooters online it might be difficult for me to explain to you that if it’s too big it’s going to handicap the player. Some might say well get the bigger one and just move it back well then I said then what’s the point of getting a bigger one it has to work out at about 2-2.5 feet away and these types of games I have to play with a keyboard and mouse that’s why I’m at that distance. Now if it’s any other game genre I’ll play with a controller and then then doesn’t matter it only matters for online competitive first-person shooters. The 32-inch I’m sure would work just fine because I could just move more back with my chair with the controller but with the first person shooter online games I have to use a keyboard and mouse like I said I’m at 2-2.5 feet away.


    You could discuss screen size preferences all day and gain a huge number of differing opinions on that. The fact is, it’s a personal thing. It depends on your own preferences and your viewing distance. I’m sitting at the upper end of your viewing distance from a 27″ screen as I type this and I feel it’s quite large. That’s because I’ve just come from using a 25″ screen. I adapt readily to whatever is on my desk and prefer larger screens. However; I prefer higher pixel density than is offered by a 32″ WQHD screen as well.


    I bought the Samsung C27F591FD. I know I was talking about Samsung CH711 but this one was here right now. Plus the OSD and pretty much everything else should be the same as the CH711 and if I can calibrate this monitor like I want I might just return it and then get CH711 from Amazon but I have 30 days on this one to see how the PPI at 27″ works out for me.

    Okay my impression after playing with it for a couple hours is disappointing in the color department. I was using the BenQ GW2470H and in the settings all I needed to adjust was the brightness and the saturation setting, which basically when set to a higher setting really makes the colors pop. Now in this Samsung C27F591FD there is no such setting all you got is the three color settings Red, Green, Blue they are all set to 50% each by default. I tried setting them each to 60% but it ‘s not having the same effect like the Benq’s saturation setting. I like the colors that Game Mode gives me but I don’t like whatever else it’s doing like edges look fake/weird like it’s using too much sharpness.

    I should mention that in the Nvidia panel I have it set to RGB and set to full and in the resolution it set at PC Native 1920 x 1080p with highest color 32bit. I tried looking in the OSD for info telling me if it’s running in FULL ( RGB PC Range: (0-255) but I can’t find that info, may or may not be important but the HDMI Black settings were grayed out.

    If I use the setting Digital Vibrance in the Nvidia control panel I get the colors where I want but I much rather use the settings from the monitors OSD menu.

    Please help me set the colors I want. As of right now I have everything set back to default accept the brightness I had to set to 60% from the default 100%.


    How do you have it hooked up? If you’re not using straight HDMI-HDMI then the HDMI Black Level setting may be greyed out, otherwise it should be there and you need to select ‘Normal’. It’s in the ‘Picture’ section, not ‘Color’ subsection. Refer to the OSD video. If you’re saying that ‘Digital Vibrance’ can give you ‘the colours that you want’ then it’s highly possible that you’re used to or wanting oversaturated and unrealistic colours rather than well-represented ones. All the guidance you need can be found in the calibration section of our review.

    P.S. Make sure you’re familiar with this thread.


    Yes it’s hooked up with one HDMI cable, is it supposed to be great out then ? My blacks do look pretty black though so I think it’s okay.

    I’m kind of surprised that Samsung doesn’t have a saturation setting like the BenQ have.

    I guess if the look I’m going for I need to use the Nvidia digital Vibrance setting, guess there’s nothing wrong with that.


    You should still have an HDMI Black Level setting, as per the review and video I linked to? What settings are you using for MagicBright etc.?

    The monitor naturally provides a boost in saturation owing to the fact it has quite a generous colour gamut. And it does this whilst retaining appropriate shade variety. Saturation enhancement (via ‘Digital Vibrance’ or a similar setting in the OSD) simply pulls shades closer to the edge of the gamut, crushing shades together and reducing variety. But at the same time oversaturating many shades, which some users like.


    I’m using magic bright setting custom I can see the HDMI black setting but it’s grayed out.

    I don’t like the fact that I can’t see as information where it tells me that the monitor is in full RGB mode like the BenQ and the Dell I used to have, I’m pretty sure it is in full RGB mode cause my blacks look good. It would be nice to know for sure Im using 0-255 on the monitor end though. I appreciate you helping me and I hope you can continue helping me out, I’m seriously thinking of making a donation, you’ve also helped me out in the past.


    I’m not sure why it is greyed out for you. As per the review, it was there and selectable on our Nvidia GPU but greyed out on our AMD GPU. It could of course be a driver thing, but when it’s greyed out it is set to ‘Normal’ on the monitor side. Just as it would be on your typical monitor without such an option in the OSD.

    One other thing to try would be to set ‘Gamma’ to ‘Mode3’ as that will offer a deeper look to the image with extra saturation. It won’t have the same effect as Digital Vibrance and will have other effects on the image.


    So with your time with the C27F59, did it somewhere in the OSD say FULL RGB 0-255 or and option to change it limited 16-235 ?

    Or was it like mine it didn’t any of this info ?


    Never mind my last question, I watched your video of the OSD of the C27F59 and no where in the video showed FULL RGB 0-255 info or settings to change from Full to limited.

    Seeing how I don’t like what game mode does and it seems you didn’t use it or like it either. My last question the monitor is advertised as a 4ms grey to grey response time does that 4ms mean only when the user is using the Game Mode setting ? I’m also using the Faster setting by the way. Thanks


    See my previous reply and the notes in the review. It was greyed out for my AMD GPU, as used in the OSD video, but not my Nvidia one. It either shows ‘Normal’ or ‘Low’ if you can select it, but if it’s greyed out then not to worry. If you’ve selected a resolution from the ‘PC, Native’ list rather than ‘HDTV blah blah’ list then the setting won’t be available. What happens if you select 1080p from the other list? Oh and try creating a custom resolution with 72Hz, which the monitor supports no problem. See if it changes the image at all as well.

    Game mode has no effect whatsoever on the monitor’s responsiveness.

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