AOC AG322QCX impressions & HDCP?

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    Does anyone got any info when the monitors purchased via Amazon is gonna get shipped? Ordered mine around 29 June, still got no word about it.



    Hi jagerius,

    If you haven’t already, give Amazon Customer Service a quick email. They may be able to help, or may not be able to give any guidance. But it’s worth trying. It would also be helpful to specify which Amazon you purchased from, which I assume is Hopefully soon is all I can say, I know quite a few people ordered this and are wondering when it will be shipped out to them (and still waiting).


    My will be delivered tomorrow 10-15, however I ordered it in Poland from normal company, not amazon:)


    Unfortunately for PCM but Amazon is just greedy, when they got units in stock they tried to sell it as from marketplace 200 pounds more than normal price, so they was just delaying and delaying my order. Next delivery was scheduled for of 23 July!. So i just canceled order from them and got Monitor next day from different company, and im really upset that PCM don’t get any benefit from my order through proper amazon link.


    Yeah, it seems typical behaviour to harvest pre-orders and either release small quantities of a product on the ‘expected’ date or simply push it back as ‘not in stock’ or ‘pre order’ once that date is reached. It isn’t just them that does this so I don’t want to single them out, but I’ve seen it time and time again and it’s very frustrating.

    But let’s not forget the positive side as well


    Hmm, my post was removed ?

    Anyhow, got my piece already, looks great (WOW factor is in place for me). Just one issue, there are a bit darker areas when looking on the white background. Near corners, but not in the corners. Other than that, I have an issue with getting any signal on my GTX 970 (currently using my laptop and all is ok). Not sure why, but these needs a deeper insight, had a similar issue with other 144 Hz monitor.

    As for know – very happy! BTW Have your pieces DVI cable in the box ? My did 🙂


    It contravened the forum rules. I know they aren’t clearly laid out. But refer to this post and be more careful in future –

    I hope you sort out the issue with signal and continue to enjoy the monitor. The DVI cable isn’t a standard accessory (hence not noted in the review) but some retailers would include this.


    Sorry for that.

    Regarding the DVI cable – it seems pointless, where would one use it with this monitor? I guess that was a mistake at AOC:

    Photo of connectors

    Regarding the issue with “No signal” – I’ll do some diagnostics, and will let you guys know if the problem persists. Might be something small and obvious:) Soooooooooo I needed to push the DP cable further into the port:) However, for some reason I had to manually select the source (I have 2 DP cables in the monitor, however the second one is is disconnected from the PC). If the issues persists, I let you know.


    Yes indeed, likely a mistake as it would be entirely useless on this model.

    Sometimes automatic source cycling/selection does cause issues. DP is a bit of a flaky signal in general at times, with some cables working better than others and it needing to be pushed in quite hard to the port. Hopefully the issue doesn’t re-occur for you, so you can continue to enjoy the monitor. 🙂


    Darn. Just seen your comment regarding the Philips 328M6FJMB not coming to Europe (at least, not anytime soon). And the super price Amazon UK were doing on the AOC has gone up a bit, which is annoying. Will keep an eye on things…


    Yes, it’s a shame about the Philips. Although this doesn’t mean they won’t ever launch it or something similar, perhaps slightly improved. IFA is just around the corner and Philips Europe make a good showing there. So who knows, there might be some surprises.


    BTW the only important gaming magazine in Poland issued a 8+/10 for this monitor.

    My feelings are basically:


    – OSD software needs strong improvement – it should be possible to save ALL the settings in a given profile (under the 1,2,3 buttons), not only few. Some are even blocked/hidden (WTF?). Pretty much idiot-oriented. They also miss some office typical predefined settings. I miss software that would enter the game mode on an automated basis when I launch a game. Also, the OSD is huge, so it could have some descriptions of settings. No separate power button was also confusing at the start.
    – Software does not switch the active port. So if I turn off pc1, and turn on pc2, (both attached to the monitor, of course), it will still show pc1 (so nothing at all).
    Pain in the neck, as I switch PC every day at least once, often more.
    – Sometimes, e.g. when we have a lot of white and yellow, there are noises from the monitor that should not occur. Not often, but still.
    – On a white screen, the coverage isn’t perfectly constant – there are some darker areas (quite symmetric,though).
    – Bit to glossy, both the screen and barrel – not a problem for me, but if you got a window behind, behold
    – Speakers are shit, and should not exist to save money. Or spend them on proper software.

    There is one more thing – I noticed a lot of ghosting when circling around objects in Shadow Warrior, however need to investigate this, cannot confirm if this is not some issue with game/my PC.


    – Really good image quality, however hard to be set-up due to the issues with OSD/software. Great for 4k youtube (high bit rate) or other good quality source movies.
    – GREAT for office work (once you set it up manually). I work 8h per day at least in MS Office/web browser and this is great. Big working area, sufficient dpi, quick refresh (yes, this is sweet even for office work). For home related stuff I don’t even use the second monitor currently.
    – Very good for games – well, that’s obvious, but it is a lot of fun, as long as you you have the horsepower needed for 1440p@144Hz, which is over 4 times more work for your PC!!! Can’t blame the screen though for that, as the this is obvious payoff. Again, gaming here is fun, if I get enough fps 🙂
    – The curve is cool, I like the fact that the whole monitor is in a similar distance from me.
    – A lot of inputs are always welcome, I can easily use them all (will be able to attach me second laptop just in case and NAS).

    Overall, I decided to keep the monitor, mostly due to the feeling how much I like to work on it (it’s summer, don’t like to game too much now), and I would rate it around 8/10, mostly due to the issues with software/OSD.


    I appreciate your detailed assessment of the AG322QCX and absolutely agree with most of your findings. Very balanced in my opinion – no monitor is perfect and it’s all about weighing up the pros and cons. In this case, there is plenty to like about the monitor if one finds the trade-offs acceptable.

    I would also note that, regardless of screen surface, you should never have light striking the screen directly. Even with very strong anti-glare surfaces you end up with a diffuse lighting pattern that saps the image of perceived depth and contrast. Some users actually find this just as bothersome as reflections; neither are ideal and can usually be avoided by appropriate room lighting. I feel a good balance has been struck here in terms of the screen surface, effective glare handling characteristics but thankfully not a thick/smeary/grainy surface texture.


    Thanks! I also agree that not having a thick/smeary/grainy surface texture is very positive.


    Seems there was some internal confusion within Philips. For whatever reason they seem to have re-designated the Philips model and will be releasing it under the slightly alterred designation (328M6FJRMB) in Europe shortly –

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