AOC AG322QCX impressions & HDCP?

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    My unit is waiting for me to pick it up!
    I am guessing the clouding/brightness shift happens due to the relatively tight curve of the monitor (1800R). I assume the monitor should be used from about 1.8m away. Is the clouding from that distance still present?


    This will become clearer when the review is published. The uniformity issues on this are partly related to the gamma behaviour and viewing angle related weaknesses that are readily apparent from a normal viewing position, more so the closer you sit. As hackguy mentioned, it’s accentuated by the curve as well. And it’s partly due to the backlight design. It is actually clearer on the light grey background of the Lagom text test in my opinion.


    the question is, if the samsung/philips variants will have the same issues or if they will be less prominent :X

    i like the size and performance for my usage, but i’m not sure if i can live with this.


    Given the backlight design differences, it’s possible that it would be less prominent on them. At least, the dark ridges would be, which I feel exacerbates the issue.


    Great review of this monitor, thank you 🙂

    I have one question I just can’t understand. The samsung C32HG70 has QD and 125% sRGB.

    Does the AOC have 125% aswell with the enhanced phospher or is it “only” 100%?

    My english is failing me, and i fail to understand what you wrote in your review – so could you elaborate in a more simple way?


    You can see from the colour gamut representation that it extends beyond sRGB. And yes, it looks like 125% sRGB or near enough. Compare the colour gamut diagram for the AOC with one of Samsung’s QD models. I’ve done this for you below (AG322QCX top vs. Samsung C34F791 bottom). Remember that the green triangle shows the sRGB colour gamut and the red the colour gamut for the monitor being measured.

    AG322QCX colour gamut

    C34F791 colour gamut


    Thank you very much for the answer 🙂 IF I decide to buy the samsung C32HG70 instead of the AOC i will 100% use your link.

    Its just a tough decision which one to go with either this AOC or the C32HG70.


    I can appreciate that it is a tough decision. I wish I could make it easier by providing a review of the C32HG70. And I’m sure one day I can, but unfortunately there just aren’t review samples available at the moment. 🙁

    Although the Quantum Dots won’t give a colour gamut advantage to the Samsung (it surprised me when I was reviewing the AOC that it didn’t use them), I did notice some pressure marks from the backlight of the AOC on both units I tested. The backlight design is different on the Samsung so it’s possible it doesn’t suffer from that sort of thing. I didn’t consider this a major issue on the AOC, but it would be nice if it wasn’t there I suppose.


    Its always the same with samsung monitor releases, they get postponed or a very very small amount gets released then restock time takes ages. Thats why its such a hard spot to be in as consumer, because you cant buy both or read reviews on both without having to wait a long time.

    But seeing as they both have increased color gamut (I like a bit of over saturation for gaming) and the samsung has “fake HDR” anyhow. Only thing that bugs me on the AOC is that lower bezel which looks utter crap, but again, the AOC can be found for 452 pound on atm. Which 200 pounds saved makes the AOC the better choice if im beeing objective. Ofc if the AOC comes without pressure marks.


    thanks a lot for the review adam. i am still think if i should return this and get the 352UCG instead.

    how would you rate the colour reproduction and display performance of the 352UCG vs this one?


    The colour consistency is a bit worse on the AG352UCG and therefore shades lose saturation to a greater degree towards the edges of the screen. The colour gamut is also not quite as wide as on the AG32. I wouldn’t say colour reproduction is a million miles away overall, though, so if you really fancied the UltraWide experience and/or having G-SYNC back again I wouldn’t hesitate to be honest.



    I bought this monitor from an outlet for 460 euros. I have an nVidia card but I wanted to play Overwatch from a high FPS monitor so the lack of g-sync wasn’t a problem since I’ve got a stable FPS and I haven’t noticed any tearing.

    I must admit that after I used my Spyder5 on this thing the colors became a lot better and this beats my older 34″ AOC U3477PQU ultrawide for gaming purposes. The resolution teamed up with this size is probably the best overall experience for my home use – the AOC is now for work since it can fit 3-4 excels/windows at the same time.

    The viewing angles were the only thing that I wondered about. My problem was that I sit a bit too near so the lower corners’ shift was somewhat aggressive compared to the previous IPS monitors I’ve used. Now that I have a bit more space, the monitor is calibrated and I am accustomed to the curve I must say that this is the best bang for the buck monitor I’ve had. I also considered the Z35P but after I checked the 35″ Omen at my local store I decided that those viewing angles were just too horrible.

    I still think that the IPS panel is a bit better than this VA but since there are no 2560×1440 32″ IPS monitors and none for this price I am very happy with this one. The viewing angles aren’t even bad to my taste if you aren’t too near. For 460 euros they sell those 24″ TN monitors and some people even buy them… cannot complain really.


    That sounds like a fair assessment (thanks for your input by the way) and it largely echoes my own findings. Although I don’t agree that intervention with an ICC profile is necessary on this model for its intended uses. Nonetheless the Spyder5 can certainly help correct colour channels if there is an imbalance there. Plus tone down the saturation a little, which some users would indeed prefer.

    How close do you sit to the monitor, out of interest?



    My current table is 160 x 80 cm (80 cm is around 32 inches) and this pretty strange tripod stand reduces the maximum distance by a lot. I raised my chair’s arm support so I am 20-30 centimeters further away from it. If they had a regular stand instead of this tripod a smaller table would be enough but otherwise 80 centimeters is the smallest possible distance to my taste.

    Yes – the calibration isn’t necessary of course but I could notice a big difference. These monitors are not for artists anyway but if you have multiple expensive monitors I can easily afford the device.


    That makes sense. And yes, the stand is annoyingly deep if you don’t have a particularly deep desk to but the monitor on. It’s something I noted on the review.

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