AOC AG322QCX impressions & HDCP?

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    It was just an example, because I’ve messed around with an asus monitor before and i wasnt sure what AOC called theirs.

    And yes, even though if i wont notice it straight away, i still wont pay 560 pounds for a defective product – because what if i noticed it after a bit and then i can’t send it back all of a sudden or something like that.

    But thank you very much for the clear explanation, I guess ill take the chance and order one. I’ll prob have it before you get the replacement, so I can update you and people on this site aswell if they should buy the first available ones. Im really curious if they released monitors that are broken to the entire world. Would be quite devious if that was the case.


    I would advise people to wait for the review and wait for places like Amazon to have stock. That way they get a proper returns policy in place, they are guaranteed retail-intent products and they can actually support the work that we do. I’m really not interested in users jumping the gun and getting it from some obscure store as soon as it is in stock, it does not benefit me in any way whatsoever and furthermore they won’t have a good idea of what to expect from the product.

    AOC will have advised retailers not to sell the monitor yet because it isn’t officially released until the batches are clear production-intent. Smaller regional retailers may well have some early pre-production stock and it’s their choice to sell it or not. Likewise it’s the user’s their choice to take that risk or not, but it’s not something I would encourage.


    I ordered mine from a respectable retailer, so I can return it. It was just a word of caution for others and a reason to wanting to know what to test for.

    And all the others AOC monitors they released in the AGON line has been quite well received and gotten some good reviews, so im sure i know what to expect from this monitor.But okay if you are not interested, I won’t give an update when I get the monitor. But I can’t wait around for the review, when it takes them more than 2-3 weeks or how longs its been to send a replacement unit. Thanks for the help none the less.


    I changed the wording to ‘smaller regional retailers’. Which they certainly are compared to Amazon. Every individual monitor is different, you can’t simply look at completely different models with completely different panels that happen to be in the same line-up and judge from there. Feel free to provide an update on the monitor, it’s useful having your thoughts on it regardless of where you purchased it from. Although I certainly hope most users are happy to wait and actually have a desire to support the work that we do.


    Lastly, I would love to support the work you do, but is a bitch for us living in mainland europe as they dont ship anything to the rest of europe. (99 times out of 100 they do not). And if they do it costs a gazillion in shipping.

    If you could provice affiliate links to it would be much easier to support your hard work.


    I do value that feedback (just like I will value any thoughts you have on the monitor – that’s what this thread is for as well). As it happens we do serve links, but currently only to German users. So I will look into getting that changed as I wasn’t aware that .de were a lot better for European shipping vs.


    Quick example:

    CF791: Shipping 19 pounds
    AG271QG Shipping: 16 pounds
    PG279Q: does not ship
    MG279Q does not ship
    XB271HU: does not ship

    Basicly any ASUS or ACER monitor regardless of model, doesnt ship to my country. I live in scandinavia, so I can’t speak for others, but I suspect its the same.

    For comparison:
    On I can get shipped all monitors and there is no shipping on any of them.


    Amazon has them for sale aswell now 🙂 2 left when im writing this.


    Updated the news piece with some links and clarification of the state of play regarding the monitor and review samples – Note that Amazon themselves still don’t have the monitor in stock (even in Germany), although some of their resellers certainly do. I’ll be requesting an update from AOC about all of this tomorrow.

    P.S. You’re right about being better for shipping in general, not just in Scandanavia but various other EU and even non-EU countries. I’m working on getting the links changed over so that it’s easier for such users to support the site.


    I’m UK based, and happy to wait for your reviews / affiliate links 🙂
    Though I think I will wait longer to also get your impression on the Phillips equivalent as I’m interested in the ambilight.

    One thing I would like to read about in the review(s) is the size and height of this thing and how far away you have to sit from it. I’m using a 27 inch at the moment which is pretty good, I reckon 30 inches would be a sweet spot – 32 might just be a tad large (and high) for my liking. I’m not interested in a 21:9 35 inch monitor as I don’t have the desk space. thanks!


    That’s good to hear (and nice to hear from you again MuppetThumper).

    I find I’m able to sit 60 – 80cm from the screen without issues. That’s just a natural distance for my desk with the AOC (the stand is kind of deep due to its design) and I find it just fine. I probably sit around 70cm from the screen most of the time actually, closer to 80cm if I lean back and relax a little. So yeah, sitting 30 inches away works nicely for me with a screen of this size.


    I was waiting long time for a review of this Monitor but yesterday i found Samsung equivalent model.

    C32HG70 / LC32HG70QQUXEN

    showing it will be released in two days (10/06)
    1ms instead of 4ms response
    Quantum Dot
    HDR (fake?)
    Game Arena (Ambient Light on back)
    … and few more

    What do you think PC Monitors,
    prices are simmilar, which one can be better?
    AOC or Samsung?


    Hi lukiv,

    On a monitor like this where the backlight is controlled as a single unit, ‘HDR’ support is really just a glorified Dynamic Contrast mode. A marketing gimmick perhaps, although I haven’t tested this myself so I shouldn’t be too harsh. As I’ve said elsewhere on this thread the AOC’s colour gamut is similar to Quantum Dot models on the AOC anyway, so that isn’t really an advantage for the Samsung.

    So I’d look past little features like that and instead consider things like image setup and pixel overdrive implementation. How that is all done on the Samsung remains to be seen and would require testing (no samples currently). The big potential feature of the Samsung is one you haven’t mentioned and that is that it likely has a strobe backlight mode. Not everyone cares for such things, but that’s big news to some people and explains the ‘1ms’ thing. It’s an MPRT response time and would be specified with the strobe backlight mode active.

    Note: We will shortly have a news article up complete with Amazon links etc. for the Samsung. I’ll post that here when it’s done.


    Thank you for a reply. This strobe mode as i want to improve a FPS gaming should be a big deal if i understand it correctly. I didn’t mentioned that because just only on one source i found and i wasn’t sure.
    So technically on paper Samsung should be better in terms of “Motion Blur” and it’s worth waiting to see difference?


    You need to remember that for any strobe backlight mode to work properly, the frame rate needs to consistently match the refresh rate. And if you read a bit about ‘Impulsive Scanning’ on the C24FG70 you’ll see that the inflexibility with brightness control could be an issue as well if it is carried over to this model. So it is worth waiting for confirmation on how that all works and if it is definitely there, if it is a feature you’re interested in. Or since you live in the UK see for yourself and take advantage of Amazon’s excellent returns policy, perhaps. 🙂

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