AOC AG322QCX impressions & HDCP?

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    I have recently purchased this monitor and I’m having an issue with it and was wondering if any other owners are having a similar problem? It’s a difficult problem to describe as I’ve never seen it before, almost like the image from one windowed program (or any image in general) carries on across the entire screen (see picture). It’s most obvious where windowed programs start and end and with white sections in the image (such as the address bar).

    I’ve been in contact with AOC and have tried multiple different cables and on a separate PC with a different graphics card and the issue persists. It is most obvious at 144Hz and less so at 60Hz (although still clearly visible). AOC are suggesting that the firmware on the monitor needs updating.

    I really like the size and spec of this monitor and I have been unable to find any one else reporting such an issue so I’m not very confident about it being a firmware issue. If any other owners of this monitor have any input it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.


    I can confirm that this issue has been observed by at least one other user (who has not posted here) and also observed on the Samsung C32HG70 which uses the same panel. It is a form of inversion artifact and something I’ve seen on various monitors in the past, although I did not specifically observe it on the AG322QCX. It is related to voltage regulation and typically related to the panel itself (certainly seems to be the case here) rather than anything to do with monitor firmware. So it’s unlikely that AOC would be able to put out a firmware fix that would stop this happening, although not impossible.

    So yes, it’s normal. Try not to let it bother you and just enjoy the monitor. Obviously if it’s interferring with your work or something then that’s another issue, but I believe you were posting just to make sure it wasn’t a fault with your specific unit; and it isn’t.


    Thank you for the reply.

    Yes, I was just trying to see if this was specific to my panel. I try to keep my work off this PC but still end up doing some in CorelDraw (which is where I noticed it) and it’s pretty distracting for me unfortunately. The 32″ samsung that you mentioned was an alternative I was looking at but I guess I’ll have to think again on that.

    Many thanks.


    All right, I guess I could write down some of my thoughts after using the monitor for a month now.

    Let’s cover the good things first. The size is one of the main reasons I love this monitor. Coming from a 17” 1080p 100Hz laptop monitor the experience was breathtaking. Additional space allows me to multitask way more comfortably and coupled with vivid colors and deep blacks, games are way more immersive. Even simple games such as Minecraft are elevated to completely another level. Monitor is curved just right, not too much but enough that when you walk into the room the monitor immediately catches your eye. The anti-glare coating is also perfect, it manages to disperse all but the most intense of reflections, but it does not cause any graininess whatsoever (my laptop does that and it can be very distracting/unpleasant). As one user here already mentioned, the monitor is perfect for watching high bitrate YouTube videos (I personally like to set the resolution to at least 4K).

    Now for some cons. The colors out of the box for this model are all over the place, especially the red. Luckily this can be fixed easily with 3 color sliders in OSD menu. Also the monitor’s gamma is a bit low by default, probably to combat some black crush that tends to happen at 3-5 darkest hues. That I fixed in Nvidia’s control panel. In the end, I set color sliders to 35, 45, 50 for red, green and blue, respectively, and gamma in Nvidia’s control panel to 0,93, 0,95 and 0,95 for red, green and blue channels, while leaving monitor set to gamma setting 1. For reference I used my Oneplus 3 in sRGB mode, as that’s the closest reference to sRGB calibrated monitor I have. The viewing angles are also a bit sub par. They don’t skew colors as TN panels do, only black gets lighter when the view is not centered properly. That and the curve make the monitor not ideal for viewing movies in groups. Also the OSD is a bit clumsy to use and finding the correct setting can be a chore.

    As a final note, I’d like to say that I used the monitor at 130Hz via DisplayPort and occasionally at 85Hz via HDMI (at native resolution) as my 5yo laptop’s 660M has problems running the monitor at it’s full 144Hz. I plan to switch to full refresh rate as soon as I get a new computer and also test the variable refresh rate function if I get an AMD card. But even so, I highly recommend the monitor and would by it again, if I so needed.


    Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback, hackguy. That is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see in this thread and will be a very useful read for our readers. 🙂

    I’m also glad to hear that you are pleased with the monitor and would recommend it to others, more so now that you’ve corrected the ‘out of the box’ imperfections with gamma and colour balance. It’s nice that you can look forward to unlocking a bit more performance from the monitor once you get a new system, too. Something to look forward to.


    thanks for the update on the Philips. I can wait a month or so to see what developments there are, with the AOC in standby as needs be!


    Hello Guys,

    i have 10 days the monitor and i have notice some issues. There are some gray lines vertical to the screen. I test it with displayport and hdmi cable.Same issue. Do i have to send it back for refund?



    If the bands are as visible as in the photohraph or more so, then yes you should return the monitor.

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