AOC AG322QCX impressions & HDCP?

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    In many ways, this is the monitor I’ve been waiting for for agesssss!
    1) 16:9 / 16:10 – check
    2) 1440p – check
    3) 30-32”– check (to give slightly better PPI than 1080p 27”)
    4) Freesync and high refresh – check
    5) Mid-price – check

    I’m eagerly awaiting the PCMonitors review (which PCMonitor’s product page says is underway – yay!) but getting ahead of myself I wanted to ask about HDCP/speakers as I’ve seen preview articles that says it has it them and others that says it doesn’t. Doing without both would be slightly irritating (particularly as the 27inch 1080p model does include them). My primary use is a PC monitor, it’d be nice to be able to plug in a Chromecast for bedroom Netflix viewing etc.

    I gather you can workaround HDCP compliance by getting splitter boxes (any recommendations?) but not sure how to deal with a lack of speakers in this scenario – any way you could hive off the sound?

    Also – anyone else have any thoughts on how this monitor is shaping up?



    As we’re the first in Europe to receive a sample and it isn’t publically available yet, you won’t get any feedback from other users here I’m afraid. And I am going to restrict my own feedback for the review itself. I am happy to confirm that it is HDCP-compliant and as per our news piece it does have some ‘simple integrated speakers’.


    well that’s fantastic news it is HDCP compliant and has speakers.
    will remain ‘eager’ for your review 😉


    actually guys I’d also be keen to hear your impressions on the direct competitor to this, the philips 328m6fjmb, which you said you’d look into reviewing if there is enough demand.

    I’ll wait for your opinions of course but I am slightly concerned the AOC will be a bit ‘tall’ for my liking; the Philips on the other hand looks like it has a better height adjustment (I like to have the base of the screen as low as possible to the desk).

    Any ideas on release dates for these models – the Internet is being coy!


    Take this as a completely unofficial word, but I think the release date may be pushed back slightly. There was an issue with overdrive not working at 144Hz which is down to some scaler limitations (it works fine at 120Hz and lower refresh rates). The product manager is not happy with this so will be looking to use a different scaler or otherwise correct this issue prior to release. Our review will be delayed pending correction of this issue or until AOC tells us otherwise, as we need to make sure what we review is representative of the final product.



    Is fixing an overdrive relatively easy or is it gonna be a tough problem to fix? Im just wondering, because I dont wait around for this monitor for ages.

    Especially not when the new Acer z35p can overclock to 120hz on 3440×1440 -which is amazing.


    I’m afraid I have no further information I can share on that, but if it needs a revised scaler it could delay it by a few months. The Acer Z35P is definitely an interesting screen, I’d like to review that if Acer can get a sample to me.


    Correct me if I am wrong, but if I only use the native 2560 x 1440 resolution, I have no need for scaler at all? So these overdrive issues will not be present unless input is different to the native resolution?


    You’re correct in the literal sense; but don’t take the term ‘scaler’ too literally in this case. It’s often used in the monitor world to more loosely describe anything electronic in the monitor that helps drive the panel itself. In this case the issue certainly applies at the native resolution, otherwise the issue would be considered too minor to have to do anything about really.


    🙁 I’ve been waiting for months for this size, resolution and refresh rate monitor. I’d be willing to set the max refresh rate to 120, if the other option is to wait for multiple more months. I can buy it now from a local store here and it should be delivered in about two weeks. Perhaps I have to hurry before they pull back the shipments. The Samsung 32″ 2560 x 1440 144Hz monitors are not coming sooner either. FreeSync is just added bonus for future proofing, I don’t really care about that (have nVidia card now).

    What’s the antenna on the edge of the monitor and are there ambient lights on the back?


    Those features are the same as on this thing –


    Just a quick update, AOC have confirmed that a new review sample will be sent out shortly and that the monitor should be launched with the issue corrected in the first week of June. In the UK at least, I’m sure it will follow shortly in other regions.


    thanks for the update PCM2.
    any idea when the Philips equivalent will land?

    Will likely get one or other, pending your review of course!


    No information on that currently, last I heard there was some talk of July.


    The only difference is philips got ambilight, right? I wonder if they charge extra for it?

    Also, can we expect the review within this week or will you have to redo everything? Im really, really hoping this monitor does well since it finally has all the specs i’ve been loking for since mid 2016.

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