AOC AG271QG vs Viewsonic XG2703-GS

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    So…which one you think is better? I don’t see much difference but it looks like Viewsonic is somehow a little bit better. But then again it’s really hard to get it in my country and AOC is cheaper. So I wonder is there something in Viewsonic that’s worth waiting/looking to buy?


    Hi Draghmar,

    The AOC AG271QG and ViewSonic XG2703-GS are indeed very similar. Some slight differences to be aware of:

    Aesthetics and ports. Obviously the two models look different. The AOC has two side-mounted 3.5mm jacks (mic + headphone), headphone hook and USB 3.0 ports. It also has a 3.5mm mic jack at the rear. The ViewSonic has a single 3.5mm jack (headphone), headphone hook and 2 USB 3.0 ports at the rear, which is slightly less convenient for access of the ports. One of the AOC’s USB ports also supports fast-charging, whereas the ViewSonic does not have such a feature. The stand height adjustability is better on the AOC as well (130mm vs. 100mm).

    Gamma tracking.. The ViewSonic’s gamma sits very close to the ‘2.2’ curve, whereas the AOC sits at ‘2.3’ on average. Not a huge difference here, but it does mean the ViewSonic is technically more accurate ‘out of the box’ (and following OSD adjustments) whereas the AOC displays some shades with just a little bit of extra depth. Some users actually like that, particularly for gaming. The AOC also has 2 alternative gamma modes, but as per the review I’d stick with the default ‘Mode1’.

    – The ‘Low Blue Light’ (LBL) setting on the AOC can achieve similar results to that of the ViewSonic without upsetting contrast. Both maintain decent static contrast under LBL, but it’s a bit higher on the AOC with the ‘Low Blue Light’ setting on even to its maximum (most effective) setting.

    – The AOC has a superior brightness adjustment range, at least from what we tested. 42 cd/m2 min (vs. 55 cd/m2 for the ViewSonic) and 384 cd/m2 (vs. 312 cd/m2 for the ViewSonic).

    Pixel responsiveness. The ViewSonic has a slight edge here, but only really in the transitions that both are slightly slower than optimal on. This is a slight difference and most users wouldn’t detect this readily even in a side-by-side comparison.

    So as you can see, they are very similar but there are some slight differences if you look at the detail. I would choose based primarily on price and availability, plus if you have any strong preferences for one or the other based on their looks. Because that is of course important as well. If they’re difficult to seperate based on that, then some of the small details above should also be considered.


    Thanks for your response. It really helped me here. At least now I know that my observations are correct and they are indeed almost alike.
    I’ve three questions based on the list above:
    1. Gamma – does this means that AOC can’t achieve ~6500K at 2.2 at all?
    2. What will I get from “superior brightness adjustment range”? Is there something significant in having broader brightness level?
    3. I didn’t noticed that before…Do they have ambient light sensor? I have something like that in my old Eizo and it helps when light conditions changes over time (sunset or turning lights on/off).


    1) No. It means it would require a colorimeter to do so. If you’re particularly interested in colour accuracy then both models would require this, really. Note the colour temperature of both is way off the 6500K target by default.

    2) You’re unlikely to find either model ‘too dim’ and if you do you should stop looking at your monitor outside in the sunshine ;). But in seriousness, some users are quite sensitive to brightness and would like a low minimum luminance for evening viewing. The differences here are not exactly massive anyway and both models go fairly dim without losing contrast.

    3) No, which is why it wasn’t mentioned in either review. The issue with ambient light sensors is that they don’t account for individual differences in sensitivity or preferences. Some are quite flexible (EIZO’s solutions I believe are) in terms of settings, but even then I’d suggest setting the monitor brightness manually for yourself. And applying an LBL setting on top in the evening.


    Ok, thanks. It seems AOC has edge for me – it’s much easier to get it in Poland. 😉 If nothing else comes up in future I’ll end up having AOC.


    BTW I’m not sure if this is a proper place to ask or maybe I should create new topic for that…Anyway. Do you have some info about new monitors that will be released in some not-so-near future that will be at least as good as those two? Because I can’t wait if there is something to wait for.


    I assume you mean can wait if there is something to wait for? Well there isn’t really, nothing is in the pipeline at the moment except the Acer XB271HUT. It’s just an XB271HU with Tobii Eye Tracking. It will be more expensive as a result and I don’t see how its core performance would be any better than the AOC or ViewSonic models.


    Yeah I meant ‘can’. Sorry for the confusion. 😛
    Thanks for your answer.


    No problem. If you do go for the AG271QG (or another model for that matter) please share your thoughts here as well. 🙂




    I have to buy a new monitor but they are very indecisive. After much research I believe that the best solution for my needs: Game, Movie, Streaming, Internet etc. is an IPS monitor with GSync technology, with 27-inch size. I thought as resolution 2 k (For 4k believe it is too early)

    From my research, thanks to your site, it seems to me that the AOC ag271qg, it’s great.
    Do you have suggestions? I am seeking a good product


    Hi saettaman,

    I’ve merged your thread with this one. Basically, if you’re happy with the price and returns policy for the AG271QG then it seems to fit what you’re after very nicely. Note that it does not have a ‘2K’ resolution, it in fact has a ‘2.5K’ (or more correctly WQHD) resolution. If ‘4K’ is considered 3840 x 2160 then it follows that ‘2K’ is considered 1920 x 1080. This is a common mistake people make, but it’s still a mistake nonetheless.



    Thank you,
    as quality advise me on AOC or any pattern? I do not have skills.


    The quality control for both models in this thread is similar. All models using the 144Hz AHVA panels, including the AOC, are known to have potential quality control issues, so you need to be patient and be prepared to return if not satisfied.



    There are panels that do not have these problems?


    Not IPS-type ones with this sort of refresh rate. Which is exactly why some users take the chance.

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