Acer Predator XB321HK 32 inch 4K2K IPS Gaming LED Monitor with G-Sync or….

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    Good points from Impulse and, of course, PCM2 🙂

    As noted even though the Benq might well share that noted flickering issue having HDMI 2 gives me options to negate it. Also we still have a Plasma 1080p 50″ TV that we are more than happy with, at least until the TV market and prices etc settle somewhat, but the Benq with its HDMI 2 and HDCP etc will allow us to connect out 4k Amazon player to it for playback, if and as needed. I can’t do that with the Acer, if I am right.
    If we also get an Xbox X that too will be able to be used on the Benq, if I am right in assuming that.

    I do like the blue light options (use it a lot) on my Benq BL2710PT….

    Blue light settings for my Benq

    ….and can imagine similar settings for the Benq 32″. I have had my Benq 27″ since 2014 and at the time 1440p was pushing single GPU’s which were affordable, and the monitor had a primary focus for designers and not gamers. But it did perform well and does so for what it offers.

    Overall the Acer, apart from Gsync, doesn’t seem to have much in the way of features to make it seem a worthy consideration. If the flicker is an issue for me which becomes an irritant then I can’t just flip to HDMI.

    As for 21:9 at 1440p I’m just not sure. No Man’s Sky just has stretched dialogue boxes, but was never intended to support that aspect ratio. Other games that I play will need to be investigated. Yes I do some photo and video editing, but not enough where I need massive timelines or multi window support.

    We have what we have on the market, I’m just trying to be informed to make the best choice of what there is.

    As noted adaptive sync technology is good and has a place but low FPS will still be low FPS.



    Ah, I wasn’t aware HDMI would bypass the flicker issue… My two posts above got flipped in order while waiting for moderation btw, the first one looks like it dropped out of nowhere without reading the second, no biggie. 😛 After writing them I’d actually started to talk myself into spending the extra money and/or waiting for a discount on the Acer just for G-Sync…

    The BenQ still looks more complete and approachable tho, never having seen the impact of adaptive refresh first hand (at low fps or otherwise) makes this a tough choice. Some people seem to swear it make things a lot smoother when frames drop even to 40-50, hrm. The BenQ’s inputs also seem better suited if I ever wanna hook up a Switch or some other console.

    Even the base makes me lean towards the BenQ, I’m not even sure the Acer’s base would fit in my 9.5″ deep glass stand, or whether I could pull it forward (and/or the desk) to accommodate it. I’d wait around some more but I dunno that there’s a lot of better options coming out in the immediate future (6-8 months).


    I’ve swapped your posts around. G-SYNC certainly does make things ‘smoother’ even at 40 – 50fps, in that it removes tearing and stuttering. But it certainly doesn’t make 40fps feel or look like 60fps – the ‘connected feel’ and perceived blur level simply isn’t the same. It is no substitute for higher frame rate, in other words.


    Goodness knows if you can understand how I have just ordered what I have, considering what I have been asking about since I last posted here.

    I did try out a BenQ 3200U from a warehouse deal, I didn’t expect it to be great. It was missing cables and the condition was certainly not as new. It wasn’t going to be a keeper, I knew that from just looking at its condition. The back light bleed, not IPS glow, was particularly bad in one corner, stretching to the top left side. It showed as a constant silver shadow on most screens, including light coloured ones. It did not go when looking at it directly.
    The biggest issue though was the flickering, it happened randomly but it happened either through the HDMI or DP.
    The size of the monitor overall was pretty impressive but I doubt that I could have managed at 100% without scaling, reducing the desktop gained. Even though I have a Ti1080 card and it is a premium price IMO it doesn’t make it a viable 4k card as I would have liked.

    So I watched videos, read opinions and then read your review….

    …….the same 1440p height of my 27″, with extra bolted on to each side. Yes there could still be limitations, and advantages to 21:9, but at least the vertical height is there. Also it is more Ti1080 friendly. The VA panel should be interesting.
    I would have preferred a black stand but if that is the most of my concerns it should be fine.

    In your review there is a button to buy it now from an Amazon link, I used that just now to buy the monitor, hope that helps. 🙂


    I appreciate you sharing your feedback on the PD3200U; it sounds like you should be much happier with the C34F791. And yeah, I absolutely agree that the resolution is much more practical in terms of GPU horsepower. The fact that your very powerful single GPU can’t give the sort of performance at the UHD resolution really speaks volumes about how difficult it is to run.

    And thanks for the support, I hope you enjoy the monitor. 🙂


    The monitor has just arrived and I have set it up now. It will take some getting used to for many reasons…..!

    But this is of a little concern…..

    After being used to an IPS panel for so long I am a little disappointed by the text and how it looks. I did read a little about this in one or two reviews but it never went into detail, but suggested that is typical of a VA panel. It is as though it is no longer clear type but kinda “broken”. It is more noticeable when typing this on a white background.

    Like I mentioned I had read this in a review or two but it was only briefly mentioned and any video review seemed to focus on other aspects of the monitor.

    Have you observed something similar, I suppose it could depend what you are coming from. Having used an IPS panel, which was near as damn perfect in that respect, it is a little concerning.

    EDIT: Removed image due to issue being the preset sharpness level.


    I share my thoughts on this in the review, specifically the subpixel layout section of the calibration section. Once the sharpness setting was corrected, I didn’t really find that aspect problematic. Although I’ve used many monitors of varying sharpness levels so am not overly fussy really. You’ll likely get used to it, but don’t be afraid to adjust sharpness in the OSD.


    I was just coming to amend my post and you beat me 🙂

    To be frank I have read that many reviews from that many sites and watched too many videos also on so many models my head was spinning a little. Especially trying to remember what I had read from where.

    I read that section, having remembered where I had read it, and simply reduced the sharpening as you have noted.

    Changing from a 16:9 27″ 1440p to this UW VA panel and it will take some adjustments.

    Glad btw that Amazon noted that I bought this monitor through a link from your site, thanks for what you provide 🙂


    No problem, I can appreciate the mass of information you must’ve been subjected to from various sources. I’m sure you’ll get used to the new screen and will love it when you do.

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