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    Hi there. I really like the reviews on this site so I figured I’d ask for a recommendation here. I have a dual-monitor setup and I realized I watch a lot of high-res, high framerate video, which look pretty “eh” on my setup, so I’m looking to replace one of of the monitors with something more suitable.

    I’m not interested in any gaming features but I am trying to avoid the following as much as possible:
    – banding (with GeForce)
    – IPS/PLS/VA glow
    – lack of color/light uniformity

    I have a Spyder 5 Elite so I’m not concerned with factory calibration. Also, VESA mounting is a must. What would you recommend?


    Hi Vodkainum,

    You are going to have to, like all users, reach a compromise. There is no model out there that will tick all of your boxes, so you’ll need to decide which are most important to you.

    What is referred to as ‘banding’ is usually detail that exists in the original source detail being visible when it would ideally be blended/masked. The reason I bring this up is that TN and VA panels have associated perceived gamma changes that would bring about unintended levels of detail. This tends to be worst at the bottom of the screen on TN models, and towards the flanks and bottom on VA models. The same characteristics cause issues with colour and light shade uniformity. VA panels commonly have quite a ‘patchy’ look due to this, which is sometimes exacebated by other uniformity issues (not related to perceived gamma). TN panels tend have a more obvious gradient effect, with lower saturation lower down the screen and deeper saturation higher up. Calibrating a monitor won’t get rid of this, although if you purposefully calibrate it to a slightly higher central average gamma you could mask some of this ‘banding’ quite effectively. Then again, if you’re calibrating a monitor and shifting things far from its native ‘comfort zone’, that can in itself contribute to banding. So it’s not a perfect solution. IPS-types are stronger in that respect and there is plenty of choice there – the Dell U2715H and U2717D are amongst my favourites for all-round performance (aftersales support, should you need it).

    When it comes to ‘glow’, that’s certainly an area where TN or VA models would be best. Unless you’re sitting <60cm from the screen, you shouldn't find 'VA glow' bothersome. You can also circumvent this by using a relatively low screen brightness and making sure your room is reasonably well lit. For 'IPS glow' you'd need to sit much further back to get rid of it and you'd also need to sit in a bright room - so bright that it is only technically masked due to glare on the screen. You don't really have many options when it comes to 27" 2560 x 1440 WQHD monitors, because only a select few Samsung panels satisfy those specifications. The Samsung C27H711 would be the one to consider, unless you’re specifically accessing a lot of HDR movie content and have a system to play that. In which case the C27HG70 might be worth considering instead.


    Thanks for the in-depth reply. The models you mentioned are indeed those I’ve noticed that come the most recommended, but I’m going to try collecting more opinions before coming to a decision. Not that there’s any problem with yours ; it’s just that I’ve encountered some models that are kind of under the radar and not necessarily in your “comparison pool” but show promise (Eizo, MSI, Nixeus come to mind). Also, I have to admit I’m somewhat biased against Dell and Samsung due to past issues.


    Did you make a decision on this?


    Actually, yes. I found a deal on the C27HG70 bringing the price down enough that, barring QC issues, I can sell it at a profit if I don’t like it, and being that you recommended it I just went for it.

    It’s a preorder though so I’m not expecting it to be delivered this month.


    I hope you like it. Although it’s a shame you’re not able to support our website with your purchase.

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