27 inch WQHD monitor for text work, easy on the eyes

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    I’m looking for an external monitor. Currently using Macbook Pro late 2013 model, but will need to connect it to Linux laptop as well. Ideally, a monitor with the picture similar to MBP’s would be great.

    Mac’s got a really nice screen, PWM-free, but does not support external 5k monitors, so i’m left with WQHD only. Seems that 27 inch/WQHD is a nice combination, ergonomically.

    I mostly do reading/browsing/writing code. No gaming, rarely some movies. Don’t really care about color accuracy.

    Some things that are important:
    1. No flicker (be it PWM or FRC)
    2. Glossy or as close to glossy as possible (i understand that glossy monitors are only available for Macs it seems, like LG Ultrafine 5k which is not supported by my MBP and won’t work with Linux anyway)

    I’ve been reading through several reviews on this site (i’ve sorted the list of all reviews by “Screen surface”). And also some forum posts. In general, I really like the depth and the fact that reviewers care about the stuff like flicker or text clarity. Very often it seems that high contrast, vibrant colors and true blacks are the only thing important in the monitor world 🙂

    From what i’ve found, seems that for this use case, ASUS PA278QV is recommended. But it’s got 20kHz PWM, and while it’s very likely that it’s going to be completely unnoticeable, i just don’t want to experiment. Another good alternative is BenQ PD2705Q, i think. No flicker, light matte surface.

    Are there any other monitors that fit the above criteria?

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi siphiuel,

    I appreciate that it can be nice to have a guarantee of PWM-free given that viewing comfort is your top priority. Given this and the fact you’re after the lightest possible matte screen surface, I’d definitely strongly consider the BenQ PD2705Q. Absolutely PWM-free and a ‘very light’ matte anti-glare screen surface which is even ‘lighter’ than that used on the PA278QV. I actually really liked that aspect of the BenQ. I do think it’s a shame glossy monitors have fallen out of favour with manufacturers, but this is about as close as you’ll get. 🙂 I marked it down because my unit wasn’t as well-calibrated as it should have been and it lacks support for Adaptive-Sync or a 75Hz refresh rate like the ASUS. But for your uses I really think it will fit very well.


    Thank you for advice! This is is really good to know, guess i’ll settle on BenQ then. Will post first impressions here. Cheers!

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