1440p 120+Hz Gaming and Photo Editing

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    I’m looking for a new monitor.
    Preferably no smaller than 27″. 2560 x 1440 resolution, minimum 120Hz or higher, 4-5 ms response or lower.
    I personally absolutely detest curved monitors, as almost all curved monitors have too much curvature/too steep for my liking. To put in perspective, a curvature that I would like would be about 4000R while most curved monitors around 3000R-2000R.
    I had originally considered the Asus ROG PG279Q and the Acer XB271HU however they seem to have QC problems with backlight bleeding, which is a big concern for me.
    I game a lot (mostly FPSs and MMORPGs) and I also do a fair bit of photo-editing, hence the need for good color gamut with the absolute minimum of 100% sRGB.

    Color calibration out of the box is not a huge issue as that is fixable and can be calibrated yourself.

    I am willing to wait for newer models if they fit the bill better.

    Please Advise
    Thank you.


    Hi fi0x,

    For photo editing there is simply no substitute for an IPS-type panel. The other panel types lack the colour consistency required for accurate shade representation. You are therefore restricted to models such as those you mention. In terms of quality control the ASUS PG279Q is really bad – so cross that off the list. The other options are all discussed in this thread. A few points:

    – The ViewSonic XG2703-GS (or AOC AG271QG) would be my key recommendations.

    – I was intitially hesistant to put either of these in the recommendations section because of QC issues. However; Amazon has an excellent returns policy, there is no substitute for people in your situation (or even just gamers wanting high levels of colour quality) and return rates are actually fairly normal when compared to other models now.

    – Do not expect ‘perfect backlight uniformity’. You will get AHVA – unavoidable – and probably some backlight bleed. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment by expecting perfection in those areas.

    – Nothing ‘more suitable’ is in the pipeline, although IFA is just around the corner and may reveal a surprise. I wouldn’t hold your breath mind, especially if you dislike curves (although I suspect this is just something you think you wouldn’t like rather than something you’ve actually seen for yourself in a realistic setting).


    Thanks for replying PCM2,

    When compared why do you recommend the ViewSonic XG2703-GS or AOC AG271QG over the Acer XB271HU?
    Let me rephrase that what are the pros and cons between them compared?

    If we were to include curved monitors, preferably one with less steep of a curvature, i.e. around 3000R are there more options to be found there?



    It’s covered in the thread I linked to. There is no clear advantage to any of those models really, it is simply that I don’t have proper hands-on experience with the Acer. It does use a slightly different panel which is 8-bit + FRC (’10-bit’) rather than just 8-bit. Some users actually prefer models that don’t use any dithering, most can’t tell the difference – but for your uses I suppose it could be a potential advantage to have the 8-bit + FRC. I’d suspect it wouldn’t make a huge difference to you either way, though.

    My comment regarding ‘accepting the curve’ was more related to the fact that if any new potentially suitable models are shown off at IFA in September, they’re more likely to have a curve than not. But nothing has actually been announced either way. Most of the gaming focus is on VA models at the moment it would seem.

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