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    Maybe you can give me some advice.

    Can you compare viewsonic XG2401 and samsung C24FG70 ???


    I have already given extensive commentary on both models and we have comprehensive reviews of both models. I’d advise reading my responses further up on this page, for example.


    The time you’ve lost to writing this comment, you could use it by advising something according to my needs, but patience in today’s time respect is a optional


    It is indeed, so please show some gratitude and read what I have advised you to read, rather than expecting me to needlessly repeat myself. You have all the information here, at your fingertips, to make an informed decision. But you have to understand that monitors are subjective and no model is perfect. So you need to do a little legwork yourself and balance things according to your own preferences.


    Which is better for competitive CS:GO?
    or what are the best monitor for competitive games for less $300



    I’ve merged your thread with this one as your question (C24FG70 vs XG2401) is addressed in these last few pages. For competitive gaming the ViewSonic has the edge due to superior and more consistent pixel responsiveness.


    Which have better image quality Dell S2417DG or ViewSonic XG2401?


    Refer to their respective reviews. Note that the Dell required calibration with an ICC profile to correct gamma, whilst the ViewSonic we tested didn’t. Although some units would. You can’t really consider something as broad as “image quality” whilst discounting resolution and pixel density. In that respect the Dell has a clear advantage.


    Hello everyone!

    I’d like to ask for some help choosing between the AOC G2460PF and BenQ XL2411P.

    I wanted to buy the AOC G2460PF for a while over the XL2411, but I found out that the BenQ has a P version now, with DisplayPort and some new features, that looks promising.
    I have an NVIDIA GPU so freesync is not a thing for me. Sadly I cant afford a gsync monitor now, so these are the two options.

    The monitors look pretty similar to me, based on the tests and reviews I read about them, so I hope someone with deeper knowledge could give me some hints.



    Hi v3ktor,

    I wouldn’t specifically recommend the AOC G2460PF unless you were really constrained by budget and really fancied trying FreeSync. As you can see in the review, it needs an ICC profile to counteract issues with gamma. And it has issues with a high minimum luminance and a bit of overshoot regardless of the ‘Overdrive’ setting you choose. Whilst I haven’t used the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P, I have considerable broader experience with 24″ members of BenQ’s XL series. They pretty much universally have issues with gamma (like the AOC) and even more obvious overshoot which some users really dislike. Others don’t really care so much about either issue, and there’s a slim possibility that both elements have been improved on the XL2411P. I remain very sceptical of that in the absence of any evidence, however.

    You should take a look through this thread for some superior alternatives. In particular the ViewSonic XG2401 and the new ViewSonic XG2402 (should be reviewing that one in the not too distant future). At least with the unit I tested of the XG2401, it had much better gamma handling without requiring the intervention of a colorimeter. And it had better tuned pixel overdrive, providing a very low overshoot experience which most users enjoy. The XG2402 builds upon that by offering a variety of gamma modes and huge flexibility in pixel overdrive settings, as noted in our news piece.


    I bought Acer Predator XB241H on October but i returned it due to bad color and image quality and cheap design.

    Today i received ViewSonic XG2402 which have much better color than acer, though there’s two options grayed sharpness and overscan, any idea how to access them and what they suppose to do?


    Don’t worry about them, they’re only applicable to analogue connections. Glad but not surprised to hear you prefer the XG2402.


    I would like to clarify that, currently, the ViewSonic XG2401 features as a recommendation over the ViewSonic XG2402. This is due to the contrast issues on the XG2402 we tested – I have not yet received any reliable information indicating that this was a ‘one-off’ and only affected our unit, so I have to assume this is a wider issue until proven otherwise. I have put out requests on various platforms for users with appropriate equipment to test their XG2402’s contrast. But so far there have been no positive responses to that. If anybody reading this does own an XG2402 and an X-Rite colorimeter or other device that can provide decent contrast measurements, please get in touch.


    Important update – https://twitter.com/pcmonitors/status/970248986488639488. The recommendations section will be adjusted to account for these findings in due course.


    Hi! I’m looking to buy a new monitor, and for the first time it will be a high refresh rate one. My maximum budget is 345-350 dollars. The feautures i’d like are 24 inches, and 144 hz. I’m looking to use it mainly for gaming, so it should have the lowest input lag possible. But i don’t need g-sync and freesync capabilities.

    I looked around on many places, but unlike for other pc parts, i feel it’s difficult to get a clear idea on a model you should pick given your needs and budget. What monitor would you recommend for that budget range? What are the two-three best ones that could fit?

    Thank you for your answer and for your beautiful blog, it’s very clear and informative.


    Hi ReFresh and welcome,

    I feel the guidance in this thread and the recommendations section is pretty clear. I’m not sure what you need added to that?


    Ops sorry, my bad, i read various topics but i completely missed that thread. Very informative.

    There’s one monitor on that list that’s interesting for my needs, the Viewsonic XG 2402; i was also interested in the Asus VG 248 QE, and the LG 24GM77.

    They’re all similar in prices and feaures; of those three, if you had to pick one, what would it be? How would you rate them from 1 to 3?

    I’m also interested in details like not being too harsh on the eyes, if that can help discriminate.

    Of the three listed, the Asus vg248qe is the one i’ve seen more suggested and talked about; it’s also used by various pro players and streamers, unlike the other two, but i fear that could be due mainly to sponsorships rather than free choice and intrinsic quality;

    on the other hand, the lg24gm77 is the most expensive of the three but it’s been recommended to me as the best monitor you can get in that price range, not just for it’s minimal latency but mainly for having extremely good colors and visual quality, for being an highly responsive tn panel. They said you have to go up a lot in price to find similar quality, but that was more of a personal recommendation from someone i know.

    So i’m really on the fence, the lg24gm77 seems like the riskier of the three.


    No worries. But I would recommend having a look through this thread or use the forum search function to search for those models, as they’re all mentioned. To summarise:

    ASUS VG248QE is an outdated relic with good responsiveness, but a flickering backlight and poor image quality regardless of OSD settings. Refer to our review. Although some changes have been made to the model some our review, it remains an inferior model.

    – The LG 24GM77 is fine and has a decent strobe backlight mode. But it doesn’t offer the same flexibility as the ViewSonic and due to the ‘panel lottery’ you can be stuck with poor image quality regardless of OSD adjustments. Plus it has a little inverse ghosting using its optimal response time setting, whereas the ViewSonic is better tuned in that respect.

    – The ViewSonic XG2402 offers pretty much faultless responsiveness and good image quality following OSD tweaking (at least that is an option on this model).

    Remember that they all use the same panel, but they set it up differently (different calibration and tuning) and offer different options in the OSD. I would rank them as ViewSonic > LG > ASUS for the models listed.


    Thanks, very clear. If i understood correctly, the LG 24GM77 and the asus are also arsh on the eyes, due their kind of backlight? I have never had a monitor like that, so far i’ve only used 60 hz laptop monitors, are those 144 hz monitor much harsher on the yes or maybe better, since maybe even the laptop screens have the same back light but with a worse refresh rate and lower build quality?


    All of these models share the same panel, as I mentioned, and the backlight itself is part of that. So neither is no more or less ‘harsh’ than the other in terms of the light it emits. The brightness regulation method does vary, though. The LG is flicker-free just like the ViewSonic, whereas the ASUS is not. Most laptop screens use a similar backlight (simple WLED with ~sRGB colour gamut, using blue diodes) but some users would find the 144Hz more comfortable when observing motion on the screen. To some users that applies even when observing desktop animations and suchlike, but certainly for high frame rate gaming.

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