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    This flickering is still happening and it doesn’t do it on all games, but I can notice the brightness levels changing quickly, well it looks like that anyway

    What is happening and how can I resolve it


    I don’t feel anything needs to be added to my previous response, sorry. https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/1080p-144hz-monitor/page/8/#post-43757 It is a known issue with the technology but it shouldn’t happen at higher frame rates. If it does I’m still not sure what you can do about it, but it’s an issue that would have to be solved by the game developer for any titles it affects at higher frame rates. There is nothing you, as a user, can do about it.


    The game I’m playing is running well over 60FPS, is it freesync that’s doing it? So if I disable freesync the flicker should go away


    It does it lots more when I have something up on my other monitor that isn’t 144Hz


    I see, well if you have multiple monitors connected there could be a plethora of issues not related to FreeSync. If you disconnect the other display, what happens with respect to the flickering?


    Hi. Can anybody help me identify my monitor? I recently bought BenQ Zowie XL2720 monitor for gaming purposes. Label on the back says model: XL2720-B, type: XL2720. Manufactured date: October 2016. What is the difference between XL2720Z and XL2720B. Is this is same monitor?


    Yes. I’ve often seen odd model codes like that on BenQ monitors (and those from other manufacturers). It’s just a plain XL2720.


    Thanks. I did strobing and VT tweak for XL2720Z and it worked on my model too, but i put in different value in vertical total parameter, so there is some minor differences between models i think.

    Few words about XL2720:
    – Bad colours by default. Need some serious tweaking and messing around with settings and ICC profiles. But it is possible to make it good enought for gaming purposes.
    + After additional tweaking of Blur Reduction(Reddit) it feels super good in games. Never had such smooth and crystal clear gaming experience ever.


    Hi, I have watched/read your review on the Viewsonic XG2401 and know that it’s in the recommended section. I really want to know how this monitor compares to two other monitors that I’ve been looking at recently. The LG 24GM79G and the Iiyama G-Master GB2488HSU-B3. The specs are the same as the Viewsonic but I don’t like the bezel of that monitor. Do you know anything of the 2 monitors I’ve mentioned?


    The LG 24GM77 is actually mentioned earlier on in this thread as a pretty decent alternative to the ViewSonic. Its successor, the 24GM79G, is less spectacular according to user feedback. Poor image quality out of the box that is uncorrectable via the OSD being the main complaint. As for the Iiyama GB2488HSU-B3, I’ve got no feedback to share on that one. No user reports, Iiyama aren’t forthcoming with review samples plus don’t supply to our main user base (US).

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)

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