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    That is explored in great depth in the review. It is one of the most responsive monitors out there and has very well-tuned pixel overdrive. More than likely the users will have been at fault, not the monitor. Either because they are using an inappropriate overdrive setting or because they don’t understand the effect of lower frame rates on perceived blur.


    I got the monitor today and I just have a quick question, when I play games I sometimes notice the monitor starting to flick very fast, almost as if it’s going dim and going bright. Almost like an auto adjustment of some type, I can’t figure out if it does this only when I load a game up, or if it does it all the way through playing a game. Is this something you are familiar with


    Do you have FreeSync enabled?


    Yeah it’s enabled on the monitor and in my graphics settings


    Flickering at very low frame rates or during effective pauses in animation (game menus, cut scenes) is a known FreeSync issue. Nothing you can do about it – but it is not a fault of this monitor specifically.


    I am looking for a new monitor, I have found the Acer XB240H and at the moment it is reduced to a fair price. £275 down to £180. I would like a monitor with 144Hz refresh rate and 1080p. This acer seems very good and at the low price; it looks like a great deal. However, the monitor height isn’t adjustable and the design doesn’t appeal to me greatly. Are there any other monitors out there, with the same specs and around the same price, below £250? If not, then I am sure I can live with an unadjustable monitor.


    YogiOG, I’ve merged your thread with this one because it comprensively addresses your question and suggests a superior alternative from ViewSonic which is also reinforced by the recommendations section. You didn’t mention needing or wanting G-SYNC, however. This is a feature that the Acer XB240H (and newer XB241H) has but many of the recommendations on this thread do not have.


    Thanks for the reply and poibting me towards this thread. Are you sure this model has G-Sync as I cannot find any infirmstion about G-Sync in its details on amazon.


    Yes; refer to the official product page and our G-SYNC article. It is definitely a G-SYNC capable screen.


    Thanks PCM2.


    I am looking for nice 144hz average priced monitor for quite some time. I have read a lot of reviews and articles. Must admit that best ones are on this site 🙂 In the end I got my eye on this ones:

    ViewSonic XG2401 – I think that this one is the best, but i have some problems ordering one, ViewSonic dose not sell them in my country and ordering from Amazon will increase its price for ~120e (import fees, tax, shipping). Other way if getting it will include low shipping price but with void warranty.

    AOC AG241QX – This one was next one i have considered. Just i dont know how much are colors worse then on XG2401.

    ASUS LED 24″ VG248QE
    BENQ LED Zowie 24″ XL2411 – I have heard that both of them have bad colors even for TN panel. Zowie I have seen in person at my friends house and i must admit it is true (maybe he did not do good calibration).

    In the end i have stared to think to get some IPS 60hz DELL monitor and to call it a day. I am looking for 23-25″ 1080p 144hz monitor. price around this that I have listed. Dose anyone have any other suggestion? 🙂


    It sounds like although the XG2401 could be the best option in theory (as per this thread), it’s not in your case. The AOC AG241QX is an interesting curveball to throw in here, as it is not a ‘1080p’ monitor and has a 2560 x 1440 resolution. That alone is quite a nice thing to have, provided you have a half-decent GPU that can run your games at decent frame rates at that resolution. I’m not sure what gave you the idea that colours could be ‘worse’ than the ViewSonic on that one. If you refer to the review(s) you’ll see they’re rather similar in that respect actually. It’s got a lot to offer, even if the responsiveness isn’t technically as good as the XG2401. If you’ve got the budget and system for the AOC, it’s a decent choice.

    The ASUS and BenQ models you named are indeed poor in terms of image setup. Even though recent revisions of them use the same panel as the ViewSonic, they aren’t put to good use from what I’ve seen. A possible alternative to the ViewSonic would be the LG 24GM77 (discontinued in most countries) or newer 24GM79G (no idea how this compares I’m afraid and may not be available to you anyway). But what about the Samsung C24FG70? If you were really prepared to go for a 60Hz IPS model and call it a day, it suggests you value image quality above responsiveness, but having both would be nice. And that’s what the Samsung offers to a large extent.


    Samsung C24FG70 is to expensive for some odd reason (~450e) and I am not very keen on curved screen. LG 24GM77 is soled out and shops are selling only used ones. For AOC AG241QX 1440p may be the only “downside”.


    Most people are not keen on the idea of a curved screen. But as the review points out, it’s a completely different matter in practice. It’s subtle. But at that price, yeah I think it’s fair enough to rule it out. Why are you seeing the resolution of the AG241QX as a downside? System performance (frame rate) reasons?


    I am worried for my GPU (1060) processing power, so yes system performance. It will make it with out any problems this year and 1st half of 2018, but will need new GPU then. Somehow ~24″ goes with 1080p for me.

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