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    The above only applies when comparing to a static refresh rate of 60Hz or 144Hz whereby the frame rate does not match the refresh rate (e.g. 56fps on a 60Hz monitor or 125fps on a 144Hz monitor). Because in that example the G-SYNC monitor would actually be running at 56Hz or 125Hz. Again, this is all explained in detail in relevant reviews on our site.


    Hello, I have read this topic and it seems that the Viewsonic monitor is the best of its class, I just bought a used Benq xl2411z and it is ok, but as you said the VS has better colors with no inverse ghosting so I am gonna sell the Benq and buy a new Vs for almost the same price. Should I do that? any features I am gonna miss other than the motion blur reduction(I don’t think I will miss it especially having to use 120hz instead).


    I don’t see why not, as per this thread the ViewSonic XG2401 is the superior product unless you make extensive or exclusive use of ‘Blur Reduction’ on the BenQ. There’s really no other significant advantage to the BenQ model.


    Done :), too bad it is more expensive on amazon.ca so I couldn’t support you through it.
    Thank for all the reviews, especially the in depth ViewSonic one.
    I hope the Benq finds a buyer though!


    Let me know when you’ve had a chance to play with the ViewSonic, I’d like to know what you think of it.



    I recently purchased a Viewsonic XG2401 after reading many great reviews about it and I think I need some help.

    I changed the monitor settings according to the review (very comprehensive and thorough review btw, thank you) and the whites are too “white” for me. I lowered the brightness to 5 and contrast to 50 to remedy this. Is this normal ? Or am I just used to dim monitors ?

    Secondly, is it normal for the brightness to increase when I switch to 144 hz from 60 hz ? I can clearly see monitor getting brighter and image changing a little when for example I change the refresh rate to 144 hz in a game.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the questions if they are too simple :/


    You could well be used to dim monitors, but at a brightness of ‘0’ the XG2401 I tested outputted 29 cd/m2 which is actually very dim. Some users find the spectral profile of the backlight used by these monitors (i.e. any current 24″ 144Hz model) to be a bit harsh. And therefore appear ‘bright’ even when it technically isn’t. The other possibility is that you were unlucky and received an XG2401 with poor gamma handling. Unfortunately it seems every monitor using these panels shows some variation in that respect and not all XG2401s therefore behave like our review unit.

    Do you own an Nvidia GPU? The change at 60Hz vs. 144Hz suggests a limited range RGB signal is being used. Refer to this article. If you do own an Nvidia GPU, also try using our ‘Test Settings’ and pulling down the gamma slider a bit in Nvidia Control Panel.



    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I have an nvidia gpu, the control panel lists the resolution under “PC” as “1920×1080 (native)” and Output Dynamic Range is set to Full. You are suggesting that there should be no change in image when refresh rate is changed from 60 to 144 right ? I am using the DP cable that came with the monitor, I will try finding a DVI-D cable to test if it is the cable that is causing problems.

    Changing the gamma from the Nvidia panel helped a little but weirdly, changing the gamme through windows’ calibration tool actually helped more. I never needed monitor drivers before, maybe I should get the driver from Viewsonic’s site to see if it helps.


    That’s correct, there shouldn’t be that sort of change comparing 60Hz and 144Hz. Although I have observed that on models with problematic gamma handling, such as various members of the BenQ XL series. On those the image is noticeably richer and relatively ‘deep’ looking at lower refresh rates, where the gamma is raised. This didn’t occur on the XG2401 I tested, but I can’t guarantee no XG2401s would exhibit such behaviour.


    I see, pity TN technology is like this.

    Truth be told, apart from the brightness and viewing angle limitations, colors are ok and monitor feels very responsive.

    Maybe I am just not used to these LED screens (first time using a 144 hz monitor). Checked for backlight bleed through some sites and nothing big, lagom tests were fine apart from the sharpness setting, couldn’t make that work.

    I will research more and report back, thanks for the help!


    Hi again, I have changed my mind and I am returning the Viewsonic because back then I didn’t know that Blur Reduction Strobe Utility and VT tweaks existed, after doing that and using an ICC profile on the BenQ XL2411Z, I am certain that this is one of the best gaming experience one can have on a monitor, low ghosting, low input lag, bright, sharp and colorful!


    That’s fair enough, it sounds like you’re really enjoying the ‘proper’ strobe backlight support of the XL2411Z once you’ve tweaked everything to your liking.


    What’s the best 144Hz 1080p monitor to go for at the moment. Not really sure what models to look at, budget of below £200


    This thread and the recommendations section addresses your question.


    I did look at the XG2401- I noticed user reviews saying how it had ghosting though. What do you think about this

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