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    Hello everyone,

    I’m planning to buy a new 144Hz monitor and after watching some reviews I wanted to ask for help.

    Atm I have a gtx 970 built on my computer, and one good and “cheap” monitor I have seen on PC Monitors reviews and recommendations is the ViewSonic XG2401, featuring Freesync.

    I don’t know if is still a good option or if someone has a better recomendation with GSync. I don’t really know… I’m a noob in terms of Monitors so I would appreciate your help.

    Sorry for my bad english and thank you!


    Hi Ghalandar,

    Have a look through this thread, which I’ve merged yours with. It’s very relevant to what you’re looking at.

    The short answer, though, is that the current premium for G-SYNC on Full HD monitors is simply unacceptable. The XG2401 is much better value and if you really feel you must have G-SYNC, you might do better to consider something like the Dell S2716DG instead. In some markets (but not all) that actually costs a similar amount to the likes of the ASUS PG248Q, but it offers much more ‘bang for your buck’.


    Hello everyone,

    I am too thinking on buying a 1080p 144Hz monitor and i did some research and basically narrowed down to these:

    AOC 2460PF – 241€ Cheapest of them all, but i hear colors are not the best and brightness are way too high.

    LG 24GM77 – 258€ Saw this mentioned in the forums.

    BenQ XL2411Z – 285€ Many Csgo pros use this for some reason.

    BenQ XL2411 – 274€ Have no i dea how these differ.

    Asus VG248QE – 288€ An older monitor, but people keeeps recommending it.

    I’m from europe so XG2401 is not available for me. I already have an IPS monitor for general use, so this one is gonna be purely for Fps gaming. What i’m looking for is a monitor with low imput lag and smooth visuals. Currently have Nvidia gpu, but ill probably be buying amd one next year and im curious to try out FreeSync.

    Tanks for your suggestions.


    Hi MantasPi,

    I have linked to various reviews on our website by editing your post, which I’d advise you read so you have a deeper understanding of these models and how they differ. The XL2411T is the model where you didn’t know how it differed from the XL2411Z. It is extremely similar to the XL2420Z which we’ve reviewed and I linked you to – the ‘T’ model is older, officially discontinued and lacks the blur reduction mode amongst a few other refinements. I would also advise you actually read through this thread, because all of the models you’ve mentioned (except the now discontinued ‘XL2411T’) are covered. Some brief additional pointers:

    – The Asus VG248QE is usually widely recommended because it is a cheaper option than most in many markets and is also very good in terms of responsiveness. Although it is not flicker-free, which also affects perceived responsiveness.

    – Many CSGO players use the XL2411Z because it’s highly responsive, but moreover because BenQ sponsor and their ZOWIE sub-brand sponsor such events heavily so they get their name in there. It’s all about marketing.

    – The AOC G2460PF is no worse than the likes of the XL2411Z and VG248QE in terms of colour reproduction to be honest. And ‘the brightness is way to high’ is a fair comment if you’re sensitive to that because the minimum luminance is about 155 cd/m2 – refer to the review.

    – The XG2401 is available in Europe, but I believe is an Amazon exclusive and currently out of stock.

    Gven its price and your eagerness to try FreeSync, provided you’re not overly sensitive to brightness, the AOC could be the one to go for here. If you want a better balance of image quality with excellent responsiveness and are happy to tune your settings so that you get a constant 144fps ‘or more’ (where FreeSync is of no benefit whatsoever) then the LG would be a better option.


    Wow, thanks for a quick response! I think i’m gonna bite the bullet and buy the AOC one, since Benq XL2411z doesn’t have DP, freesync and is more expensive.


    Hi there,

    So I am still looking for a new monitor but haven’t really had the time to do proper research or stay up to date with newly-released monitors due to my final year of Uni.

    I am currently using a GTX 1070 and I believe I may stay with Nvidia in the future. This leads me particularly look for a 24″ 1080p 144hz monitor, however when I spoke to you quite a few months back, there were absolutely none that stood out to me. I then ended up waiting for the Asus PG248Q, which after reading your review, wasn’t really all that pleased with it, especially considering its premium price tag.

    What I’m wondering is – are there any new 24″ 1080p 144hz G-Sync monitors out that you would actually recommend? Or are they still some-what disappointing? If there are none, do you still side with the Viewsonic XG2401? How does the Viewsonic compare with the LG 24GM77? Which is the better monitor?

    I suppose I don’t NEED a G-Sync monitor, however like I said previously – I may most likely side with Nvidia for my future cards…although I probably won’t be upgraded for a few years as I currently run a 1070. Will G-Sync REALLY benefit me anyway considering I run a 1070?

    Best Regards and thank you.


    My opinion hasn’t changed from that already provided earlier on this thread. And I’ve already addressed all of your questions, so I’d advise looking back over what I’ve said. The long and short of it is, yes you can certainly get away without G-SYNC on a Full HD monitor and a GTX 1070, as I explained earlier. And as also pointed out, the XG2401 is superior to the LG but the LG is still a good choice. So if it’s easier/cheaper to obtain then it is a worthy contender.


    Thank you! I think I’ll go for the XG2401 in that case. Here’s me hoping that there won’t be a decent G-Sync monitor coming out any time soon.


    Good morning

    I want to buy a new monitor and i need some help for my final decision.
    I’m looking for a nice gaming experience with the best possible color and my intent is to spend between 200 and 300 €.

    Which one and why?
    AOC G2460PF 24″ LED 144Hz — 250€
    Asus VG248QE 24″ LED 3D 144Hz — 275€
    Benq-xl2411z-24″ led-144hz — 279€

    Another one?
    Would you recommend any IPS screen before these?

    thanks for your opinion.



    These options amongst others are discussed here, so I’ve merged your thread. Really the key recommendation here is the ViewSonic XG2401, which offers superior image quality (without requiring intervention of an ICC profile) than the models you’re looking at. It also has better motion handling. Whether or not an IPS model with lower refresh rate is preferable depends on the games you play, frame rate you can achieve and your own preferences really.


    Thanks for your quick response.

    I have a GTX970 and i know that i’m not going to take the most benefit from the 144hz.
    What do you think to get LG 29UM68-P 29″ LED IPS Ultrawide instead the ViewSonic XG2401?


    I think that would be a good match with your GPU, especially if you enjoy admiring graphics on games rather than trying to (if it’s even possible) maintain high frame rates. This article will give a good idea of what to expect from a 29″ 2560 x 1080 monitor. And as far as such monitors go the 29UM68 is a good choice.


    Hey PC Monitors!

    I think I’ll be getting the Viewsonic XG2401 some time this weekend, and I am just wondering if you provide any ‘optimal settings’ for this monitor? I’m not very knowledgeable in the field of monitors, so I’d like to avoid messing around with the settings as much as possible 🙂



    Refer to the review, which I’ve linked to several times on this thread. As with all of our reviews our ‘Test Settings’ are clearly presented there. 🙂


    Ohhh, right, yeah I’ve seen the ‘Test Settings’, just wasn’t sure if they were it though. Thank you 🙂

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