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    Indeed. I was so close to buying the Viewsonic, until I stumbled across the XB241H…now I’m stuck trying to decide between the two. The reasoning behind this is because although the XB241H is $100 more, IF it were on par with the Viewsonic, then I am more than happy to spend that little bit extra so that I can utilise G-Sync.

    If the Viewsonic is better than the XB241H, then I will still side with the Viewsonic and consider the Freesync as an added bonus.

    Have you heard much regarding the XB241H? I’m trying to look on forums for opinions and comparisons, but not having too much luck.

    I’d also like to take the time to thank you for all your help and in-depth responses. I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into giving me genuine and carefully thought-out responses to my questions. You’ve been by far the greatest at helping me narrow down my options – thank you.


    As I’ve said, I haven’t tested the XB241H. And unfortunately I haven’t received any feedback from this model myself, from users. So really you’ll have to go by what you’ve read on other forums etc. From the research I have done on this model myself, it does indeed seem to be on par with the ViewSonic aside from supporting G-SYNC. So I can definitely see the attraction. I just wish I had my own test data and experiences to back this up for you.

    Whichever model you end up getting, it’ll be great for this thread if you can share your experiences. I’m sure many others will be in this same position, so I’m happy to help and have some good solid information on here. 🙂


    That’s indeed unfortunate. They need to get you a tester ASAP because your reviews are friggin’ great.

    I am kind of leaning towards the XB241H to be honest – just waiting to hear back from those who have had a personal experience with the monitor, and who are also knowledgeable when it comes to monitors.

    Nevertheless, I’ll be sure to report back with what I end up choosing and how it all goes! If I decide on the XB241H, I hope I make the right decision, as I already know – after having spoke to you and reading your review- that the Viewsonic XG2401 is a fine monitor, and I’d hate to choose something else over it and end up losing out.


    I think I’m going with the Acer XB241H, as I hear that both the Acer XB241H and Viewsonic XG2401 are pretty even in performance – I hope I’m not making the wrong decision here!


    I don’t think you are. Fingers crossed that you get a good one (buying locally I assume?) and that it lives up to your expectations. And also that you find G-SYNC enjoyable! 🙂


    Thanks a lot mate! Will be buying online unfortunately, which is even riskier :/

    Any tips on how to check for faults and problems when I receive the monitor? And also, if I want to support your site by buying from Amazon, how do I do that?

    EDIT: Just realised amazon and others don’t ship to Australia…sigh…


    Oh that’s a pain! I didn’t realise that either. Is that a general thing or does it just apply to the XB241H specifically? I also wouldn’t advise looking for ‘faults’. If you don’t notice them during normal use, they aren’t worth worrying about. Pixel defects are perhaps worth checking for using this simple website though – http://jasonfarrell.com/misc/deadpixeltest.php.


    I think that seems to be the case with everything, sigh! :/

    Ones on ebay are about $700 shipped – I’m not sure if I should be paying that much…

    I’m not really sure what to do now, lol. How disappointing.


    If the AOC G2460PG is a model you can get locally, it might be worth getting that. If you get a good one then keep it and celebrate the savings. If you don’t then return it? 🙂


    Hmmm, I’m not really a fan of the green stripe tbh.

    Maybe I should just wait it out or something? I have an old BenQ that will do for the time being I suppose…


    Well waiting may well be worthwhile. Something like the ASUS PG248Q or even PG258Q could be what you are after. And I don’t suspect other manufacturers will stand still either.


    Yeah, that was what I was thinking too. I assume the 258Q would be 25″? Which would be the better one to go with?


    Refer to the forum post I linked to. It’s 24.5″ and a very interesting product for many reasons. It will use a new panel not yet seen before, but whether it will be the one to go for rather depends on how it performs.


    Hmmm, hopefully I don’t have to wait too long. Do you think a 24.5″ display will be fine for 1080p? I suppose it makes basically no difference to a 24″, lol.



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