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    Yeah, you’re right. Which is why I am really considering the advice you give me, so, thank you.

    Hmmm, a colorimeter sounds too technical for me. I honestly don’t know much about computers – I’ve learnt everything as I’ve gone and looked at each part to build my PC this week, lol.

    I was just hoping to find a good monitor and if colours were slightly off, I was going to use your guide and apply a ICC profile. But it seems as though finding a monitor is tough enough as it is. Just when I think I have found a decent monitor, I read a negative review which turns me off or has me second-thinking,


    Yes, I know it’s frustrating. Well the good news is that users of the XL2411Z and XL2420Z find our ICC profile from the XL2420Z review tends to improve image quality. Unfortunately, as noted, there can be inter-unit variation. But I think you can expect some improvement even if things aren’t going to be perfect or as good as if you calibrated your own unit with your own colorimeter.


    I see. Isn’t the XL2420G basically the XL2420Z, but with G-Sync? So, when using the normal mode, it basically is the XL2420Z?


    No, it is unfortunately set up quite differently it seems.


    Damn, I was so set on the XL2420G as I thought it was good. I’m not sure if I should go with the Acer XB240H or perhaps look into 1440p 144hz without G-Sync


    Also, I was wondering if you knew when the Asus PG248Q is set to come out? Will it be expensive? I have a budget of about $600-$700 AUD.

    I am still considering a monitor without G-Sync, as I understand that G-Sync isn’t very important, considering 5 years ago when I played games, I obviously didn’t have the function and was fine without it. This leads me to consider the following monitors: BenQ XL2411Z ($449), XL2430T ($549), Asus VG248QE ($449) and LG 24GM77 ($550 + shipping).

    Of these, which is the best? I was thinking LG 24GM77 > BenQ XL2430T > BenQ XL2411Z > Asus VG248QE? What are the differences? What are the pros and cons? I was leaning towards the LG 24GM77 like you suggested, due to it being a better ‘out of the box’ monitor too. Is it flicker-free like the XL2411Z? I believe I have found a store in another state that can stock them and ship it (although they are currently out of stock). The cost of the monitor is apparently $550, and that doesn’t include shipping.

    For a monitor with G-Sync, I am considering the Acer XB240H, priced at $459. Do Acer have a decent name for themselves when it comes to monitors? How are they generally compared to the likes of Asus and Benq?


    All current information on the PG248Q can be found on our news article. I have already discussed the other models earlier on this thread and elsewhere on the forum and have clearly recommended the LG to you as the best of those for your requirements.

    You can’t generalise based on manufacturers like that. They all have good and bad products and overall, as companies, they are quite similar.


    Hmmm, I think it’s between the LG 24GM77 and BenQ XL2430T (unless the XL2411Z is better than the XL2430T?).

    I was looking up these 3 monitors, and I read something about the LG not being able to run DAS and motion blur at the same time? Is the LG flicker-free? Some of these things, I just don’t understand just yet.I believe the LG has better picture overall, but would you say the BenQ is better for gaming? As I’m not very knowledgeable with computers and tech, I am sometimes unsure of the terms used and explained.


    Oh and upon further research, I can indeed get the Viewsonic XG2401 for $530 shipped or $600 express on amazon.

    The only thing is, it has Freesync and I intend on getting a GTX 1070.


    DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) is no different to ‘Instant Mode’ on BenQ models. They both run their strobe backlight modes and normal operation with very little input lag. The LG is flicker-free, as long as you’re not trying to use the strobe backlight setting.

    I’d certainly advise that you read the XG2401 review or at least watch the video review. And compare it yourself to the XL2420Z, perhaps. Or I’ll save you the hassle – it is simply a better monitor. It is also concluded in the review that it is still a good choice regardless of whether you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU. FreeSync is a bonus and doesn’t add to the cost of the monitor or make it less suitable for Nvidia users than models without FreeSync. It is a superior choice to the LG in my view because, although the LG has less inverse ghosting than the BenQ models, it does still have some. And some users are sensitive to this and dislike it – so might as well go for a product that doesn’t have this. The ViewSonic on the other hand doesn’t have any noticeable inverse ghosting and is just an extremely responsive monitor. The image quality is as good as you’ll get from the panel used, too.

    If you’re able to buy from Amazon you can also support our website in the process, which would be greatly appreciated. It’s definitely the model to go for which is why it is featured in the recommendations section. Interesting to note that they’ll ship it to Australia with a decent service.

    P.S. Sorry for the confusing editing above. Think it’s sorted now.


    I think you have me SOLD for the Viewsonic XG2401. There doesn’t seem to be any decent G-Sync monitors that won’t cost me an arm and a leg at the moment. This led me to highly consider a 1080p 144hz monitor without G-Sync. The Viewsonic having freesync is an added bonus indeed, even though I won’t be running an AMD.

    Moreover, if the image and colour quality of the Viewsonic is as good as you say, and it can also game well, then it seems ideal for me. Looking over your review, and also the comments made by others in other forums, it does seem like a good TN panel.

    I am currently in the middle of searching up the lowest prices – I believe it’s out of Newegg or Amazon.

    Also, I have come across the Acer Predator XB241H, which is about $100 more than the Viewsonic. Is the XB241H similar to the XL2420G? Have you heard anything about it’s image and colour quality?

    There is also the Asus MG248Q, which is the same price as the Viewsonic, with Adaptive Sync (is that freesync?).


    I also looked in other forums to see what others have to say and this is what I found regarding the Viewsonic XG2401 vs Acer XB241H


    Sorry, links such as that are not allowed here (since they don’t allow me to link to my website, I won’t extend them that privilege). The person there was saying that the colour accuracy was not as good as the XB241H that he tested. But anybody focusing too heavily on colour accuracy on a panel where perceived gamma changes so significantly from top to bottom of the screen is wasting their time. The image presented by the ViewSonic is rich and overall shows fairly accurate shade reproduction. The gamma handling dictates that some shades are a little richer (deeper) centrally than they technically should be, but this also counteracts the weakning saturation observed lower down the screen.

    I think you’re just going to make your job harder if you keep on getting bogged down by meaningless figures on paper. There are reasons that we don’t focus so heavily on colorimeter readings from the centre of a screen that in no way reflect what you actually see when you use a monitor. It would make reviewing a screen a lot easier, but would also be next to useless and potentially very misleading for our readers.


    I understand, thank you 🙂

    Apparently the Acer XB241H is meant to be on par with the Viewsonic, however supports Nvidia cards (rather than Freesync for the Viewsonic), which obviously suits me better as I look to use the GTX 1070.

    I suppose I need to ask around and try look up reputable reviews for it to best compare the two? I was basically set on the Viewsonic, until I clumsily stumbled upon the XB241H, lol.


    Well no, you’re absolutely right to do extensive research for such an important purchase. I just wish I could provide my own feedback on the XB241H, but unfortunately Acer didn’t have a review sample available for me to test. 🙂

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