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    Sorry it’s actually The Asus VX248H


    Okay, that’s an impressive mix of games. Which doesn’t make the decision any easier… I’ll try to make it as simple as possible, although you’ll ultimately have to make the decision.

    The Samsung offers superior image quality. It offers stronger contrast, a wider colour gamut, more consistent colours and has a lighter (less grainy) screen surface. It essentially gives a significantly more vibrant and ‘colourful’ experience. Whilst it offers superior responsiveness to your current monitor at higher frame rates, due to its 144Hz refresh rate (which is a very nice thing), it does have some weaknesses in pixel response time. You’ll have to decide whether these weaknesses would put you off, which is difficult without seeing things first hand. But the best you can do short of that is to read through the responsiveness section of the Samsung review. It starts off a bit more technical (although there are some images which are fairly self-explanatory), but the subjective game testing bit should be useful.


    Awesome thanks, so basically the Samsung is a VA panel with slower pixel responsiveness which leads to ghosting and trails at some points. The Samsung is looking like the buy for me except for one issue, in some games I cannot always maintain a constant 144hz, dipping to around 100 sometimes and even under during heavy load. With this monitor would it look too bad to run at these FPS numbers (most of the time 120-144fps). Do you think you could Ignore it or will it be too obnoxious. I may go with the viewosnic if it is.


    The Samsung would be running at a static 144Hz. You have an Nvidia GTX 970, so won’t be using FreeSync. The issues that were specifically raised with increased levels of inverse ghosting (overshoot) occured at lower refresh rates. The refresh rate is only reduced along with frame rate on the Samsung if you were using FreeSync, which you won’t be. In other words, you don’t need to worry about that particular issue. As pointed out in the review, there is still some inverse ghosting type issues even at 144Hz – but the more extreme examples occured at lower refresh rates, which you won’t be using.


    Oh I see, I was confused thanks. So by the sounds of it the Samsung is a better looking monitor with slightly slower pixel responsiveness and some ghosting but not that bad at static 144hz which I will be using. I think I’ll ge the Samsung. Are there any settings or adjustments you would recommend with the osd in the Samsung ?


    That’s all covered in the calibration section of the review. But you need to make sure you adjust according to your own preferences and your own unit, which will be different to ours. πŸ™‚


    Thanks so much you have been super helpful. I would buy it through your affiliate link if I could but I live in NZ and amazon is unavailable here.


    That’s okay, I understand. And I hope you enjoy the monitor. πŸ™‚


    I am planning to buy a 1080p 24” 144Hz monitor, I use the pc for game (league of legends) and for web navigation. I have a AMD Radeon RX460. Last week I bought Benq ZOWIE XL2411 but I returned it because I’m not happy with the colors.

    Which monitor do you recommend?

    Budget: max 400 $


    I’ve merged your post with this thread, as the topic is already covered in detail. πŸ™‚


    Maybe you can give me some advice.

    Can you compare viewsonic XG2401 and samsung C24FG70 ???


    I have already given extensive commentary on both models and we have comprehensive reviews of both models. I’d advise reading my responses further up on this page, for example.


    The time you’ve lost to writing this comment, you could use it by advising something according to my needs, but patience in today’s time respect is a optional


    It is indeed, so please show some gratitude and read what I have advised you to read, rather than expecting me to needlessly repeat myself. You have all the information here, at your fingertips, to make an informed decision. But you have to understand that monitors are subjective and no model is perfect. So you need to do a little legwork yourself and balance things according to your own preferences.


    Which is better for competitive CS:GO?
    or what are the best monitor for competitive games for less $300

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